10 best free WYSIWYG website builders for 2015

Depending on HTML coding which can be done by only a select few coders and programmers is a thing of the past. Technology has come up with easier methods of creating innovative websites and now almost anybody can create well-designed websites with practically zero programming knowledge. This technological revolution is more colloquially referred to as WYSIWYG.


What is WYSIWYG?

WYSIWYG is an acronym that stands for What You See Is What You Get. This type of pre-programmed web design applications are named so because whatever you type will show up exactly as it is on the finished website. You don’t need to learn coding and type in lines and lines of codes to achieve anything. The templates are all readymade and can be modified by simple methods.

The WYSIWYG model is followed by other devices as well. For example, when you are printing out a Word document, the hard copy that you get is identical to the soft copy of that file. Similarly, with WYSIWYG Website Builders, you enter whatever text you want to appear on your website, and that’s exactly what you get.


What are the Advantages of Website Builders?

Using the WYSIWYG Website Builders has manifold advantages. Here we have listed down a few of them, to help you understand the benefits of depending on these website building applications.

1. These are easy, do-it-yourself website creating methods. Anybody with basic internet and computer skills can design a professional looking website using these readymade template designs. No longer do you have to depend on professional coders or website developers in case you want to create the perfect website for your business.

2. For those of you with dynamic websites such as a blog or an article directory, WYSIWYG editors are the way to go. External users can also easily use these  editors to easily enter and modify their content, leading to better and more effective online interaction and participation.

3. Editing and modifying your existing website with the help of WYSIWYG is a simple task. Forget depending on professionals, now you can modify your website content and design as and when you see the need.

4. The process of creating a website with the help of WYSIWYG editors is so much faster than depending on elaborate codes. Even if you do have a coder or a programmer at your disposal, the entire process is so much more cumbersome and takes much more time than with these WYSIWYG editors.

Why not have a look at the marvels of 10 of the best WYSIWYG styled website editors? Here goes-




Creating website can never get easier than with Wix. The innovative, online web builder allows you to create stunning looking websites without the assistance of coding knowledge and still allows you to create professional websites with complete functionality. All you have to do select from the thousands of templates available within builder, modify it according to your need with the simple-to-use tools provided, crosscheck and publish; it’s just as easy as that. Everyday hundreds of developers add in their contribution to Wix, so you can be assured of finding a template that fits your business perfectly. Once you have the template, then all their remains is to add the content from the intuitive creation interface, and edit it the way you want with the numerous tools available.

Wix allows users to simply drag and drop elements in to the creation interface without requiring any coding. Just place the element on to the slot and you’re done. Add anything from images, texts, complete galleries, shapes and boxes, buttons & menus, social network icons and functionalities, widgets and even navigation bars, all from a single creation interface. Manage the size of the columns and layout, apply background colors and textures and also create slideshow galleries in attractive positions direct from the interface. Also Wix allows users to download and install useful applications such maps, forms, guest books and so on, right from the creation interface through the widget market as well. So to put it in short, Wix lets you build professional websites right from scratch without you even having to switch tabs.




Weebly is the one-stop shop for all website building needs. Featuring theme specific builder tools to layout controllable themes, Weebly is the only builder you will ever need no matter what website you’re building. The creation interface of Weebly allows simple addition and positioning of the elements in a webpage using simple drag and drop options. The left tool palette consists of all the elements and widgets required to be added in to the webpage in the form of tiles. Simply drag on any one of the tiles on to the screen, position it in any part of the page and you can visualize the live preview of the element as it gets added to the page. And Weebly allows users to add anything from slideshows, image galleries, text widgets, social integration icons, and even flash animations and videos right from the toolbar as well.

Save time by building websites from the numerous themes available with Weebly. With the unique design and customizable layout properties, the templates can be modified to suit any professional website. Control everything from the sizing and shape of the elements in the webpage to even the way they behave and appear from the creation interface. Also change the background images and theme colors with ease by simply clicking on the color picker palette on the tool bar. And the style manager allows you to set specific styles and colors for each element and text widget as well. Also choose to include functionalities such jQuery powered sliders, dropdown menus and even navigation bars as well with the Weebly interface.




WebsiteBuilder.com is an accomplished tool to create a fully functional and top notch website. For professional website creation, this is one of the sure-shot ways of achieving that perfect design to maintain the correct balance between functionality and presentation. Armed with other features like mobile adaptability, Google affinity, and social integration, WebsiteBuilder.com is your go-to option for a quick and fast way to an impressive website.

The process of creating a website using WebsiteBuilder.com is simple and involves a three step process. The first step is choosing the template out of over 10,000 options of classic, edgy, or modern designs. These templates all have customizable features that ensure that your website will stand unique. That is basically what step number two entails. You can modify your website around the subject matter and what your choice of medium is. It could be anything – articles, images, and even diagrams and charts! There is an inbuilt free image library that you consult in case you want to add images. You can also upload your own images. The choice is yours. Move around the images on the webpage using the navigation tool and position them as you see best. The final step in the website creation process by WebsiteBuilder.com is publishing it online, which can be achieved with the mere click of a button. Make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with your website design before releasing it into the virtual world. You can also update your website using WebsiteBuilder.com and even buy a custom domain to help establish your webpage.




Webs brings to you a whole range of do it yourself website building options, without any kind of professional help. Forget spending a fortune and hiring a designer or a programmer, with these unique template designs and customizing options, you can soon be armed with the website of your dreams. One of the special features is an SEO booster tool, which will optimize your website to rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing!. Find out more about the visitor traffic to your website with the help of the powerful integrated web analytics tool. Webs also enables you to open your own online store and market your product to bring home that extra buck.

Setting up a website using the powerful website builder tool Webs is just an easy 4-step process. All you need to do is select a professionally designed theme for your website, upload your content, publish and share it online, and then welcome a host of visitors into your domain. While setting up the website, you can also take the help of an arena of useful apps like web store, blog pages, or calendars, which can be installed directly on to your webpage. While adding content to the page, don’t forget to brand it by adding the company logo to the header. You can animate your website content by adding features like videos, images, slideshows, and maps, amongst other options. Add a custom domain name to your website and you’re good to go.




The IM-Creator takes you on a never-seen-before video tour on how to put its services to use, so as to get the perfect website. There is no need to possess any sort of programming knowledge to incorporate the various readymade designs and templates, edit them according to your tastes and needs, and create something unique, beautiful, and yet functional at the same time. There is a blank template option for the professional designers, proving that IM-Creator offers something for everyone with website designing needs.

The process for creating and designing a website using the IM-Creator web design tool is pretty unique. The open-ended editor lets you design the website from scratch.  The website building process with IM-Creator is pretty simple, you have a blank canvas that you can keep on adding relevant elements to, to achieve the correct design suitable for your site. The web designing process using the IM-Creator involves a basic drag and drop technique, which makes it user-friendly.  There are also pre-designed templates offered by this particular web designing app that are all modern, clean, and have great user-appeal. With a whole array of template designs catering to artistic, fashion related, musical, hotels, photography, and business oriented clientele, there is no design that you can’t achieve. With the IM-Creator, you can create a mobile-friendly or a desktop-friendly site. It includes all basic elements of texts, image galleries, heading options, and many more.  Your created site will have the benefits of cross-device, cross-browser compatibility. The in-built SEO optimization tools are another point of advantage.




Most free to use website builders allow you to add rich text, images, and even whole photo galleries to your site. Jimdo on the other hand, provides you with those features but, also supports more advanced features including blogs, videos, music, music videos and even social media widgets. Jimdo even provides you with the option of managing an online e-store on your website. The best part of the Jimdo website builder is that it is very simple to understand and even easier to use. With such a good site builder on your hands, you can customize header images, page layouts, backgrounds, and even color scheme, allowing you create your own unique website for any purpose.

So, whether you are looking to build a professional website, a contractual website, or even a photography website, Jimdo’s website creator is the perfect way to turn your ideas in to website based reality, with a few clicks of the mouse! Many free website builders (check here) allow you to build a website as you create Word documents. But, after spending a few minutes with Jimdo’s website builder, you’ll see how simple it is to make your own website without requiring any knowledge about HTML, CSS, or various other complicated web languages.

The best part of using Jimdo’s free website builder is, in fact, the super-fast email support that you can expect with the site in case you might need help with building your own website. Jimdo offers a simple, easy, and absolutely free solution to all your website creating needs.




Unlike other free web builder, building a website on Sitey is unlike anything you might have ever experienced earlier. An elementary drag & drop website builder makes it dead easy to create a professional, creatively designed website without requiring any technical IT skills whatsoever. Over a million people and small and medium businesses have joined Sitey and operate their online presence through us.

Sitey allows you to add content elements such as text, images, maps, and videos by just dragging & dropping them into place. It really doesn’t get any easier than that! Text is fully editable, just like it is in an offline-based word processor. With Sitey, website building is done in real time, from within your web browser itself, thereby saving you a lot of time.

The themes available with Sitey are not just free and flexible but easy to customize into truly unique design elements. Every in-built design template features a theme editor that offers full HTML and CSS control for bespoke custom development. Sitey allows you to select high-resolution stock photos from a gallery of free images or allows you to upload your own in order to provide complete personalization of your website design. The theme editor enables you to experiment with advanced image features such as blur, darkness, and additional filter options for improved customization.

Sitey also comes with an in-built slideshow maker which allows you to add your own captions and provides you with full control over speeds, transition and other elements.




While most free website builder limit you customization abilities to just changing a few lines of text and a shifting a few images, using the same template that is already being used by hundreds if not thousands of other developers, WebStarts gives everything you require to create a contemporary, completely authentic web design that surely conveys the worth of your products and services. WebStarts has recently added a features with gives you the ability to choose from a limitless number of beautiful and bespoke font styles for the text on your site. This gives you even more flexibility in terms of designing your own website. WebStarts allows you to link photo galleries to your site, which is a great way to showcase multiple photos on your website, effectively allowing the visitors on your site to view hundreds of convenient, thumbnail sized photos on your webpage.

Another great feature is that the site’s customer support is just a phone call away with their 1-800 number listed at the top of every page. Also, when you them, you’re transferred to a trained web expert who apprehends exactly what your requirements are in order to get your website created. Websites built using WebStarts are designed in such a way that they work perfectly on iPads and iPhones, Android, and any other kind of mobile device. Instead of giving you a dumbed-down version of your website to fit on a mobile display, WebStart’s websites are displayed in all their depth on any and all mobile phones and tablet PCs.




While other free to use website builders only allow you to add text, images to your site, The Yola website builder gives you that and so much. Yola is an award-winning website builder that is fast, flexible and childishly easy to use. With more features you can bargain for, Yola is completely free of any third part advertisements, giving you an unrestricted view of your work, thereby increasing your efficiency. The Yola site builder come preloaded with fully Customizable, sharp, professional designs which give you countless options in terms of site layout and navigation. This intuitive builder allows you to change the minutest of details, even to the point of allowing you to personalize your page by providing options to change the banner, background, text color and font sizes. Yola also provides CSS editing for the more advanced site developer. And to keep unauthorized visitors from viewing your pages, Yola comes with in-built password protection which allows you to protect your whole website or just specified individual pages.

The Yola site builder also come preloaded with flexible navigation and submenus that allow you to build and organize as many pages as you might require. The integrated submenus which are customized to fit your site’s design allow you to avoid unnecessary clutter. All Yola sites are HTML and not Flash-based. This means that you can be found easily because HTML allows search engines like Google and Yahoo to index your website. The in-built mobile publisher also allows you to create a mobile friendly version of your site that is optimized to viewing on IPhones, android and even blackberry devices.




Webnode is a free to download website building tool that you can use to create professional-grade websites quickly and simply using your very own domain name. And with more than 18 million companies, professionals, artists and even bloggers from around the world using Webnode, it’s safe to say that this website builder has a proven reputation on the market. Creating your own website with Webnode is quick, easy, highly interactive and absolutely free! It also has the added advantage of not requiring any technical skills whatsoever. Webnode allows you to create a website for an unlimited period time.

So, whether you are looking to build a website for your profession, an event or even your own wedding, this intuitive website builder is the perfect tool for you to apply your imagination and turn your idea in to an internet reality! A lot of other free website builders allow you to build a website using a combination of themes and other design elements. However, after using Webnode’s site builder, you’ll see how simple and effective it really is. This great site building tool allows you to choose from an endless array of modern design templates which you can further customize according to your individual needs. The best part of using Webnode’s free website builder is, in fact, the 247 customer support that comes along with it, in the unlikely case you may require help while building your own website. Webnode offers a free, simple, easy to use, and public proven solution to cater to all your website building requirements.

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