5 ways to find a design apprenticeship

A design apprenticeship can be very useful for someone who is just starting work or about to graduate. The real live experience on working on real projects cannot be taught in any schools or courses.  However, it might not be easy to find design apprenticeship. Here are 5 sources that I found which have proven to be quite useful.

Source #1: Education providers

Some course providers such as cityandguilds.com provide an apprenticeship on top of the courses and qualifications they offer.  To be able to offer an apprenticeship, the employers have to meet certain standards, which includes offering some sort of salary to the apprentices and being able to assess and train the apprentice properly so you know that signing up for one of these apprenticeships will be worth it.

It is easy to sort through the different options and to find something that can suit a designer.  This is the most convenient way to find a design apprenticeship. The other options require some work.

Source #2: Twitter

Another way I used to source for design apprenticeship is through Twitter Search. I took a screenshot this morning and as you can see from the above, there are people posting for design apprenticeship. The downside is that it is time consuming to sort through the positions and you need to do a lot of research to access the quality of the companies offering them.

Source #3: Ask in design forum

Design forums can be quite useful. It is no harm joining one like the graphic design forum and ask for any design apprenticeship. The effectiveness depends on how active the forum is. Try to go for bigger ones if you want better results.

Protip: if you don’t know any design forums, you can use google forum search. What you need to do is to do a normal search and then narrow the search by clicking on the ‘discussion’ link on the left. That will give you result from only forums. Look for design forums and post your request there.

Souce #4: Google Search

Good old Google can be help as well. However, you need to make one adjustment to your search results. These are the steps:

  • Do a normal search on google
  • Select ‘show search tools” on the left and chose the date. For apprenticeship or job searches, I typically choose the “past week”
  • If you got everything correct, you should see a screenshot that looks like what I have posted above
  • This setting will give you newer results so that they are more relevant to your design apprenticeship search

Using Google search is effective but very time consuming. You need to click in to look at every listing before being able to tell if something is right for you.

Source #5: Use your Facebook friends

This last option is a bit of a gamble. Depending on how wide is your social circle, you might get some good tips and recommendations from friends. You can use this approach for other social networks that you might have including LinkedIn or twitter.

I hope thee 5 tips can land you that dream design apprenticeship. Good luck!

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