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Designing websites for our clients is one of the common ways for designers to make a living. While the money is good, the process can be tedious and long drawn.  This is usually because of the extensive customisation that needs to be done which requires the help of a developer. Hence, you can imagine my interest when I discovered a free website creating software for designers to easily and quickly build websites for their clients without using any developers.

How IMcreator.com makes website design easier and faster

The website is called IMcreator.com and it solves some core problems facing designers.

  • Eliminating code development. Using a drag and drop editor, designers now no longer have to mess with the code to customise the design of the site. Below is the image of how the editor looks like but you can try this drag and drop editor at the site itself for free.

  • Eliminating hosting problems: Besides making the design process faster and easier, IM creator also has a nice hosting service that you can offer to your client. You can help to connect the domain of your client’s website to the hosting in a few steps. This even includes setting up the email service. All these can be done without touching any form of code. I think this is a great innovation and makes website designers’ job much much easier than before.
  • Eliminating browser issues: The template produced by the drag and drop editor is HTML based. This means the look of your design can be perserved regardless of what browser the user is using. In our current environment where there are multiple devices and screen sizes, this is a huge time saver in terms of design work.


All these easy development means there is little need for a designer or design agency to engage any external developers. This translates to

  • A faster turnaround time for the website design.  This improves client satisfaction and also frees up your time to accept more clients.
  • Higher income as the cost of engaging a developer is eliminated and you can enjoy more profits per design job.
  • Less headache in terms of coordinating the work across both developers and designers


Currently, there are already over 1 million sites build on this platform. Looking through some of the featured websites, the quality of the themes are really great. This is due to the large range of high quality templates that designers can either use without modification or as a base to further modify. Either way, the designs look gorgeous and look like a fully customised website design.

Below are some featured websites that are creaed using the IM creator.


I always thought that the website builder market has been corned by WordPress and Blogspot. It is surprising to find a service such as IMcreator that caters to a specific niche like designers and try to build features especially for us. Whether you are a freelance website designer or a design agency, I recommned that you check out IMcreator.com and see if their products are suitable to meet your design needs.

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