Advertising Wars – Pepsi vs Coca Cola

Pepsi and Coca Cola have been competing for many years. Frankly speaking, I am pretty comfortable with both of the beverages. Just that at those places serving one of them, you cannot find the other. Pepsi has several interesting advertisements that put down Coca Cola indirectly. Let’s start off with the April Fool Poster.
I have included this series of banners because the "Zero" seems related to Coke Zero.
Other than the official prints above, there are some interesting artworks done by the fans of both sides. Several of them are showing the real fights where Pepsi and Coca Cola are equally strong.
Some interesting photos taken where the two brands happened to appear at the same place and time. Notice the dude below is drinking Coca Cola while driving for Pepsi!
Well, they seem to be comparing in almost anything. Even in traffic accidents…

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  1. Robin H says:

    These are really awesome. It’s amazing how the rivalry between Coke and Pepsi brings out not only the best in the companies themselves but also the die-hard soda drinkers. Used some of these photos in my recent blog post. Cheers!


  2. Pokkisam says:

    Coca-cola ads are always creative.

  3. liu yuling says:

    i’m looking for some pictures about cola war~
    that’s really interesting
    thanks for sharing

  4. Larysa says:

    Thanks. It was interesting. How long have you collected the photos?

  5. Bugz says:

    Man that is war for sure

  6. Good Post – the zero/max campaign is brilliant

  7. Nice post. Nice compilation of pics.

  8. Nice competition from both product but I have not like in the picture
    I like coca cola

  9. What an enjoyable list… funny and amusing. It’s fun to watch the clash of the Titans. These warring giants have produced some of the best marketing moves and ideas in the years gone by. The Pepsi Everywhere ad is really too cool to be true. It’s pure genius.

  10. Marc Shake says:

    I guess, neither Coke nor Pepsi would ever admit, they need each other. For Marketing.

    It’s somehow like God and Satan.

    The best is Dr. Pepper, anyway 😉

  11. dGjess says:

    haha..this one so funny…didn’t know their rivalry came to thispoint..hahaha..

    cool joHnson.

  12. Dan Neal says:

    My vote goes to Pepsi.

  13. Bekey says:

    hilarious thnx ^^

  14. Nice Post 🙂 they pwned each

  15. niwan says:

    I love this Duel he…

  16. Tealplayboymmc says:

    I have Never seen any of them before lol

    Maybe Because their not show in ireland

    But there pretty cool,
    Might try make one myself 🙂

    Thanks for sharing

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