Best 3D Pen: The ultimate buying guide

It seems unreal to watch futurism happening right before your eyes, right? If you’re thinking, what I’m talking about? I’m talking about the evolution of 3D Reality in our life. (For this post I’ll talk about the best 3D Pen).

In 2013, WobbleWorks LLC introduced 3D Pen through a Kickstarter campaign which changed our life forever. As a designer, I found this new device wonderfully exciting!


How does 3D Pen work?

3D Pen allows us to draw and create 3D objects and structures.. 3D Pen is a bulkier version of your regular pen. It uses a different type of plastic to draw objects instead of your standard ink.3D Pen uses heat to melt the plastic. The plastic melts inside the pen and cools down when you point it to draw your objects.

Here is a video showing you exactly how it works.


What can you do with your 3D Pen?

You can create pretty much anything with this tool from bicycle to mini Eiffel Tower. You’re limited by your own creativity only.

For example, Rainbow Girl of YouTube created these giant minions using 3D Pen. (Link -

You can also create cool looking Glasses, letters, Butterfly, modern art and a lot of other super trendy things.


What to look for when buying a 3d pen

  • You need a workspace place where you can keep it and do all your stuff.
  • Is it okay for children? I don’t think so. Remember, most of the pen has a hot nozzle point. You’ll be exposing your child to risk.
  • These pen works with plastic. So, to make any decent size structure, it consumes a lot of plastic. You should buy plastic filament beforehand in large quantity. By doing this you can save a lot of money.

Now let’s move on to our review part.


Best 3D pen review

Here is where I give my opinions on what I think is the best 3D pen for the money.  I am sure this list will change as we see more and more new models being introduced. Along with 3D pen, getting a 3D printer will give you the best combo to work with. Unfortunately, I have not written a review on the best 3D printer for designers yet. If you want to do, I did write something about the best printer for graphic designer.


3Doodler Create 3D Pen review


3Doodler Create 3D Pen review

I love this product. 3DDoodler was initially launched via Kickstarter in 2013. The present version3.0 (2016) is a hell lot of better than the previous version. They’ve really upped their game this time.

So, the product came with 3 user manuals and a storage box. It also consists of 2 packs of ABS filament (50 strands total). I would highly recommend you to go through their user manuals (Easy 1, 2, &3, Quick Start guide and basic Manual) at least two times.

Features and Performance

The Pen came with a lot of improved features from the previous version.

  • The original pen was huge in size and was difficult to manoeuvre. The present one is quite sleek and light weight. It weighs only 12.8 ounces.
  • In the previous version you’ve to double click the buttons. They addressed this issue in their present version. You can single click the buttons.
  • The feed mechanism has also improved significantly. Earlier the plastic filament used to get jammed inside the pen often. But now, it looks they’ve found solution to the problem

Pro Tips

So here’s how I roll when it comes to using this pen to get our work done

  • The feeding mechanism takes more time than the usual time mentioned in the usual manual. So, be prepared to wait. Grab a cup of coffee. Seriously.
  • PLA filaments are made up of starch and have low melting point. They tend to stick with things pretty good. ABS Filaments are oil based and have a higher melting point. They are much stronger and can be used to draw big objects
  • ABS filament produces a lot of odor problems. Hence, you would be better off trying it in a well-ventilated room.


CCbetter Intelligent 3D Pen review

CCbetter Intelligent 3D Pen review

CCbetter 3d pen is a new product in the market. I found out that this product is also sold under the brand as Joyluxy Intelligent 3D Pen. Both are same.

Features and Performance

Features wise it’s quite basic. Though, it has some cool features which make it one of my favourite.

  • The pen comes with good packaging with usual Power supply unit, filament strand and user guide. Along with these, it also has one nice looking safety stand. You can use the stand to put the pen at rest when not in use.
  • This pen comes with an LCD screen for melting temperature monitoring. It has only 6 buttons, and the two buttons next to the LCD screen is used for raising or lowering the temperature.
  • The built of the Pen is very well thought off. Like for example, in the user manual it is written that you’ve to use your two fingers to move the speed selector button. But, I found out that it is bit unnecessary. You can easily change it with your point finger.
  • The Pen is compatible with both ABS and PLA filament. Near the LCD monitor, there is a switch which you can use to change the setting to ABS or to PLA. When you power on, the Pen gets heated to its pre-programmed temperature based on what filament you are using.

Pro Tips

  • The Pen comes to its heating temperature very quickly. So just keep a mental note of that.
  • If you want to do a lot of precision work then, you have to set the speed selector at the slow position. For other scenarios, you can set it to fast position.


3D Pen, Glyby 3D Printing Art review

3D Pen Glyby 3D Printing Art review

3D Glyby Pen is another 3D Pen which I brought and I’m fond of it. It has a simple interface with funky looks and it works pretty darn well.

Features and Performance

  • Feeding mechanism is perfect. I would let easily the plastic in and take out the filament using the forward and backward button.
  • The Pen is called Intelligent for a reason. I found out that it won’t extrude any plastic until a pre-set temperature is reached. This somewhat prevents clogging of its gears and solves the jamming problem that most of the pen in this category faces.
  • It has got a LED light which changes its color when the Pen becomes hot. There is also a temperature adjusting switch to change the temperature if required. However, there is no indication which tells how much hot it has become.


Pro Tips

  • When you start the Pen, you need to clean it of any wallets and other stuff. This will help you in inserting the filament.
  • The Nozzle becomes extremely hot while working. Even after switching it off, the nozzle and tip remains remain hot. So take adequate precaution before giving this pen to your child to play.



So I’ve shared my experience of my adventure with the best 3D Pen with you guys. I would like to answer any doubts you may have regarding this.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you find this useful!

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