Best BuddyPress Themes for WordPress MU

Flipping through the ‘BuddyPress’ themes, one would instantly observe the sheer magnitude and variety of them. It would leave you nothing short of amazed for you have themes for anything and everything under the roof. They are designed to cater to your every craving, including ecommerce templates.

Randy Candy

Remember the exhilarating feeling of swinging up high in your swing set? Do you reminiscence about your childhood often? The kid inside you wants a say? Check out the ‘Randy Candy’ theme below which will soothe your inner child! It’ll leave you joyful and sparkling with joie de vivre!

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Cosmic Buddy

For the psychic soul, launch your quest for the unknown with a bit of ‘Cosmic’ energy, it’ll give you an experience akin to the magic of looking into a crystal ball.

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Are you a foodie who has taken a ‘firm’ decision to not give in to your desire? Want to satisfy your food cravings while being on a diet? Feast your eyes on the ‘Ines’ theme which has a full fledged banquet spread out for you.

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Dark Press

Do you love the adrenaline pumping through your veins? The feelings of going into a realm full of unknown? For everyone to be transfixed be your uniqueness? For the exotic and mysterious spirit, how about a bit of ‘dark’ force? Here is one of the dark buddypress themes.

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Is Work getting you down? Or is it your lack of social life(outside)?Rest In Peace. Buddy Press once again comes into the picture ,this time with the soothing essence of the detox theme which is sure to bring your online social life up to the mark.

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Chant mantras and enjoy your ‘Solitude’ seems to be the message as one takes a look at this theme. It may not equal doing yoga in the clean and beautiful atmosphere of Sri Lanka but it surely will soothe your senses while letting your mind wander away to greener pastures.

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BP Nicey

Are you heart Broken? Feeling like you lost meaning of life. Themes are available in plenty to express what you feel.

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Are you the quintessential Facebook enthusiast? Do you find yourself addicted to the simple yet fun layout of the site? Here comes the ‘FaceBuddy’ which combines the essence of Facebook with the features of BuddyPress especially designed for you.

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Bruce WPmu

If tidy and clutter free staging if your thing, check out the ‘Bruce WPmu’ theme below. Its neat orange and white display impresses you at first sight. It spells out fun professionalism.

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BuddyPress has themes which range from simple to intricate. Some themes may just contain splashes of a few well coordinated colors while the others may be targeted at a specific niche. We have one last theme coming up to show you just how wide the BuddyPress that is.

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  1. Kerry Scorah says:

    These are great, many thanks.

  2. SMS says:

    thanks for this beautiful theme. just what I was looking for! I’ll have to test it out soon!

  3. Alessandro says:

    Not bad, but for my website I already decide to join another team which offer great themes. this post came too late perhaps but one can never know…

  4. I like these, nice themes.

  5. dwi banet says:

    i like themes a lot, veri nice.

  6. Wowwwwww Veryy Niceee D: themes. Download Link .?

  7. Good post, congratulations, i like the themes a lot

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