Best calendar design software for Windows for 2014

It is 3 months before the end of 2013, which means it is a good time to think about calendar design for 2014. Be it for your own use or as a marketing collateral for your clients, calendars can be designed rather easily these days with the use of a calendar design software. If you have not try yet from my last review of the best calendar design software, I urge you to try it again as this software keeps on improving on its outstanding features. With this, you can make your own calendar for 2014 in a matter of minutes and yet have professional looking results.


#1: More templates than before

Best-calendar-design-software-for-Windows-for-2014-1 now offers more than 100 templates that you can use to customize your calendar. This gives me more options to have the design that I want without having the need to find all the relevant images. What I need to do is just to insert my own logo and I have my own 10steps calendar design for 2014.

Best calendar design software for Windows for 2014 2


#2: Highly customizable

The software comes with lots of customization options that allow you to change almost everything on the template. You can change the colors and design of the individual elements on the calendar as well as selecting your own public holiday schedule. These customization options + the 100 templates means it is easy to create one of a kind design for personal or corporate use.


#3: Easily printable

It is now easier than ever to print your own designs. The templates are high resolution which means your output can be as good as professional calendars. The software has plenty of printing options to let you create the calendar of the right size.   From different paper sizes to formats, to support of both bubble and laser printers, there is no reason why you can’t print out your own calendar design now.


#4: Multi language support

Best calendar design software for Windows for 2014 4

One of the best things about is the multi language support.  You can customize your calendar to whatever native language that you want including English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Dutch and Polish. These languages are embedded within the software so they are already available upon installation. If you want other languages, the calendar software has a language editor that allows you to add in any language that you want.  I think this is pretty good and unique and is great for the non english speaking folks who want to create their calendar.


Calendar design showcase for 2014

Here are some sample calendar design examples that you can consider for 2014.













Hope you check out the best calendar design software for Windows at and start to create your own calendar for 2014.


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