Best cloud based apps for designers

Clouding computing is becoming the standard of which online applications can be delivered and accessed. Using the cloud makes it more cost effective as well as being able to work anywhere where there is an Internet connection. Let’s look at some of the useful apps for designers that you might like to try.

Cloud hosting for designers

Hosting your client’s or your own work at the cloud is becoming a popular choice. The good thing about cloud web hosting providers is that you can expand on your server needs at a moment’s notice. It works great if your client experiences high traffic volume.

Cloud based collaborative tool for designers

Codeita is a really neat little piece of free software that allows a designer to prototype and design websites collaboratively. Using a dashboard that can be used to manage codes, files and databases from any web, it is a useful tool for sharing projects with other members in your team.

Cloud based communication with clients

Communication with clients is an important part of a designer’s work. Usually the communication is over email but it is an ideal way to communicate over changes. This is where comes in. This new service allows designers and clients to communicate directly over the design so that changes are immediately understood.

Cloud based image editing for designers

As designers, image editing is a common task. Now, imagine that you can edit your image from any Internet connection. These suite of cloud based image editors puts the processing in the cloud itself, without taking any resources from your computer. It is still early stage at the moment but we are starting to see simple image editing processes such as and being made available in the cloud.

Cloud based color picker for designers

The famous color scheme genator called “color scheme designer” is already an application that can be accessed via the web. No installation needed! It is a good example for how a cloud based app can be really useful for designers.

Another similar color generation app is Kuler which also generates different color schemes via the web without any installation.

Cloud based prototyping tool for designers

Besides picking colors, you can now create prototypes using online tools without any installation needed. Above are two great examples. The first is called iplotz and the second is called mockflow.

All these cloud based apps will be useful especially when the design workforce is getting more mobile in this day and age.

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  1. Ruhul Amin says:

    These are really good design. how can i do it. thank you so much for this post.

  2. Anne says:

    Let me add – my favorite color tool.

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