Best graphics tablet review for 2015 and 2016

I have been in the design industry for more than 8 years now and I have used my fair share of graphics tablet or drawing tablets. In the past, the best has always been the Wacom line of drawing tablets. However, due the proliferation of tablet devices in recent years, artists or designers have more choices at their disposal.  If you are new to the industry or are just looking for a 2015 graphics or drawing tablet replacement, I hope my experience will help you in your purchases decision.  This graphics tablet review will cover Wacom, Hnion and Ugee drawing tablets  as these are the 3 that I have used or have been using.


Best graphics tablet for 2015

For those who don’t want to read this long article, my preference is still the Wacom series of drawing tablets.  The entire line is are choke full of solid products that have all the right style and functionality a designer like me needs. It draws smoothly and I have no problem using it for any for my designer work. Whenever I try a new drawing tablet, I will always come back to Wacom. They have many different models but let me break it down for you.


Best graphics tablet for beginners

For beginners, go for the bamboo CTH series. It is very beginner friendly and works fine out of the box. There are 2 models for this series. The 470 is the cheaper version that comes with 3 bundled art software but no pen eraser. The 670 is the full version with 4 bundled art software and pern eraser. It is also the version that comes with a bigger screen size if you need it.  I recommend the 670 if you can afford the higher price.

best drawing tablet for beginner

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Best graphics tablet for professionals

For veterans, I recommend the Wacom Intuos. Its main difference when compared to the Wacom bamboo line is the levels of pen pressure. Wacom Intuos has 2048 levels while the Wacom bamboo series has 1024 levels.  The higher the level, the more control you can have in your drawing. As a designer, it means you get to draw more precise stuff, which is what most professor designers want to have.

best drawing tablet for professional

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This tablet has been my longest serving drawing companion for many years. There are just so many thing I love about it

  • The pen sensitivity is just perfect. Anything I draw appears immediately on screen with the details intact. There is no lag as far as the eye can tell. For me, this is the most important thing I look for in a graphic tablet and the Wacom Intuos has nailed it.
  • I also love the build of the device. It feels solid in my hands and yet is light enough to be portable.
  • Touchscreen works perfectly when you need to use it. It blends well with my workflow and helps you get into the zone when drawing.
  • The pen buttons have a nice tactile feedback that is satisfying to use. It is not the most important feature but adds to the overall experience.

There may be some minor irritants just as the drivers crashing occasionally but those can be fixed easily. It is not a deal breaker for me to using this wonderful drawing tablet.


Huion graphics tablet review

The company I used to work in has the Huion drawing tablets for its staff, which is how I got to use it extensively. It is not a bad graphic tablet by any means. The drawing is smooth most of the time but if you are a Wacom user, you will notice certain pen strokes felt off. It is a very subtle difference but one that can be felt by a frequent user of a Wacom tablet. For beginners, it should be fine.

The other thing that felt off is the surface. It felt harder than the Wacom bamboo so it seems like you are scratching on a hard surface. The experience isn’t as bad as it sound but if you have used the more rubbery surface of Wacom, you can tell the difference.

The biggest plus point I can see is its low price. In fact, that is why my company decided to bulk purchase this for its staff since they are much cheaper than an average Wacom device. If you are buying a drawing tablet for the first time or is on a budget, the Huion graphics tablet should be fine.

Huion drawing tablet review

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Ugee graphics tablet review

This is the latest graphic tablet I have used when I switch job last year. It isn’t the same as the other 2 brands is it is a monitor that supports pen controls. Here is what I liked and disliked about it.


  • The screen size is really the big pull. It does make a difference to the drawing experience. You have to station it on a table and not on your lap for it to be used comfortably.
  • The pen pressure was wonderful. It actually felt very close to the Wacom experience.
  • There is very little lag for the the cursor as it follows the pen movement perfectly. The only time it lags is when it just ‘woke up’ if you leave the computer idle. Just wait for a minute and it will be fine.
  • Drawing and seeing the output on the SAME screen does improve the experience.
  • Easy to set up especially with the installation of the drivers.


  • The glare from the screen can make my eye tired after prolong use. It can be overcome if you adjust your positioning such that the glare is minimized.
  • Not very portable so I can’t carry it home from work.

Ugee drawing tablet review

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Overall, each of the graphic tablets review here has its strengths and weakness. I have given my opinion on what I think is the best drawing tablet for artists. What about you? What is your experience and which graphic tablet do you prefer to work with?

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