Best monitor for graphic design for 2016

Besides using the best graphic tablet to produce world class graphic designs (joking!), another equipment that I feel is important is a computer monitor meant for graphic designers. I know there are already many reviews out there from the likes of, etc that did a good job on reviewing computer monitors in general. However,  I feel the reviews were not catering to the needs of people like us who work in this industry. We do not want generic reviews. We want information such as what is the best type, size or budget of monitor for graphic design usage. This is where I chime in with my own working experience.


Acer g257hu smidpx review

acer g257hu smidpx review

Acer’s g257hu smidpx is one of the those workhorse monitor that performs without too much fuss. If you are thinking about buying it for gaming, it will not be the best choice. However, for graphic design works, it is perfect! The price for this monitor is under $300 which means you can really work it without worrying about burning out the screen. More importantly, it displays the details of my work perfectly so that gives me a lot more confidence of what I am producing on screen will show up exactly in physical reproduction.

I have tested this screen using the different graphic design applications and the display is just perfect. So work wise, you can get the screen space you need.

This is however not a ips monitor nor a led one. For this price, it doesn’t really matter. The 1440p resolution is good enough such that the ips might not be necessary.

Overall, the acer g257hu smidpx is just a solid work monitor with a very reasonable budget for graphic designers. Recommended!


Best 27 ips monitor for graphic design

best 27 inch ips monitor for graphic design

The one I recommended is the one I am using for home. I bought it with my money and I want something I can really push without really worrying about cost. For work, it is a different thing as it is paid by the company 🙂 So, the monitor I am using in my workplace is an ips monitor. Specifically, I am using the ASUS PB278Q and is a model I am very happp with.

The most important thing for ips monitor is the color reproduction and the ASUS PB278Q is as good as it can get. When you caliberate the colors, it will look even better but I am already happy at the straight out of the box effects.  It even has the added benefit of being fast so I actually use it for gaming during off work hours in the night 🙂

However, I have read online that there was some problems with certain production batches which had dead pixels. Luckily mine doesn’t have that but if you are one of the unlucky one, Acer made it super easy to exchange. If you buy it from Amazon, it is even easier. So don’t let that discourage for getting this gorgeous awesome ips  monitor that is priced so attractively.

Finally, since this is a ips monitor, there is something called the ips or pls glow. This glow makes certain pixels brighter than others so it can be easily mistake as backlight bleeding. The easiest way to tell this two apart is to view the bright glow from different angles. If it is ips glow, it will change depending on your viewing angle. If it is backlight bleeding, the spot will always be bright no matter where you are looking from. I hope this clarifies the misconception between ips glow and backlight bleeding.


Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM vs Asus PB278Q

I have putting this section here because the Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM is a pretty nice isp monitor for graphic design as well. I have close friends in the same line as I am using this and I know they love it as well. Both monitors display colors beautiful so it really comes down to very small details or defects.

On the Dell U2713, there have been cases of cross hatching, especially on the bottom of the screen. However, this might be a production batch issue like the PB278Q so I wouldn’t place too much emphasis on it.

The winner was for me is actually the speed. The Asus PB278Q has a noticeable faster response time and it makes a difference to the user experience especially when you are using it for gaming. It also has stereo speakers, which again is good for a gamer but not as important to doing graphic design work like myself.

Finally, the lower price of the Asus makes it definitely worth while if you are looking for the best 27 ips monitor for the money.


Best touch screen 27 monitor for graphic design

best touch screen monitor for grahpic design

While the Asus is good, it has no touch screen. This is fine by me but I know some folks are getting used to the touch screen control and want them for your monitors as well. In this case, I would say the Acer T272HUL is an excellent choice. It is a 1440p screen and shows details beautiful although it doesn’t have the ips color separation that the other monitors above have.

Despite the gorgeous screen, the rest of the stuff isn’t as ideal. Speakers for example do not give off the best sound but that is the main reason for buying a monitor. The video camera mounted on the top of the screen is also not the best as I have used better in my workplace. Again, this is not the Acer T272HUL’s main selling points but I thought it will be useful to let you be aware of this before buying.

One other issue is with the ghosting. I have seen it in real person and I wouldn’t call it an issue. You can see it is there if you look hard for it but if you ignore it, it wouldn’t distract your from your work.

Overall the Acer T272HUL is a great touch screen 27 monitor with 1440p resolution.


Best type of monitor for graphic design

If you do not know what to look for in a monitor for graphic designers, here is a list of checklist.

  • IPS monitor for color difference: one of the most important element of graphic design is the color. Before I knew about monitors, I always have difficulty telling the subtle color differences on my screen, especially the black and white tones. The result? Complaints from clients about using the wrong colors. It is only after I switch to IPS (In panel switching) monitors that best suits a graphic designer like myself, I begin to appreciate what a difference the color display can be.
  • 1440p and 4k: Related to the above is the criteria of buying a 1440p or 4k monitor for design. Only with these powerful resolutions can you truly see the subtle difference in my my work. If you have not used such a monitor before, I encourage to try it out and see what a difference a 1440p or a 4k monitor can make. Unfortunately, these things are not cheap so you need a higher budget to pay for these.
  •  Defedctive issues: Finally, it is important to look for any small defects, be it dead pixel and backlight bleeding. These are not cheap monitors and you will be using them on a daily basis so it is best to be stubborn on the quality. If there are any defects, return it and ask for a new one. They have loads in the warehouse!



Being that we spend so much time looking at our screen, it is worth the budget to buy something that is higher quality. For graphic designers in particulars, we will want a monitor that can allow us to see the tiniest details and color differences.


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