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As I happen to be the onlydesigner in the family, among many of my routine chores are designing wedding invitations, taking pictures of freshly born nieces and nephews, shooting birthday parties and all the can-you-please-make-it-one-video tasks that I usually get after standard Hi from my relatives on Facebook. Getting tired, sometimes angry, but never able to refuse – that is just me. Since more and more challenges arise with photo slideshows and video editing, I started looking for the best photo presentation software I could use on my already more than overloaded laptop. At the same time, I needed a program that Icould recommend to my relativeswho are not very experienced in design so that they could try realizing their ideas on their own.

Searching through the Web I came across SmartSHOW 3D: I got interested in the kind of 3D movies (as the website states) this software can produce. It turned out that 3D stands for digital effects like animation presets and transition styles that you can apply to photos with one mouse click. I thought “Great! That’s what my sibs need”, however, it was just the beginning and later I found myself totally absorbed by the software.


The intro wizard offers to choose a ready-made theme from the catalogue. Each theme has all the visual effects pre-established, so you only need to add your photos and a music track, then enter text and convert your slideshow to the video file type you want. Experimenting with a few themes, I found out that the software allows for editing the slides as well as adding more photos and even videos to the project. In the Add tab, I tried a few Collages – animated templates that allow for adding several photos to a single slide so that they appear in order, with overlapping or rotation.



There are also Subtitles and Title Clips – slides with animated or illuminated captions that you can use as intro or end credits for your slideshow. In the Animation tab, you will find motion, 3D or nature effects that you can apply to the slides with drag & drop. There are several types of Transitions grouped by style as well. You can also cut and adjust the music settings: set volume and faders, add more tracks, etc.



Those easily accessible and visually comprehensive features are nice for basic purposes, but what about more profound editing? I learnt about that after clicking on the Edit Slidebutton. Want to add more photos to the slide to create an animated multi-layered composition with glow effects or even falling leaves clipart? Here you are! Need to overlap several videos with different opacity settings or make them float in circle or any other pattern? Just add the necessary layers and adjust the keyframes!



This best photo presentation software I have ever met offers plenty of adjustable settings for photos as well as videos. I tried the Manage Cameraoptionand felt myself one of the mighty film directors. You can cut the video, disable its sound, add an animated text caption or overlay some PNG pics with transparent background on it. Now the can-you-please-make-it-one-video task has finally become much more creative than before!



Among other important advantages of this best photo presentation software, I can name the export features. Beside standard AVI, MP4, MOV, Full HD or DVD there is an option of creating video for the Internet (presets for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and others) or different smartphone models. FLV is also possible – you can embed your portfolio advert onto the corporate or personal website.


If you wish to generate an impressive multimedia slideshow of photos & videos for sharing with your friends, family, clients or even local TV channels – SmartSHOW 3D is the best photo presentation software that corresponds to your needs. Here: can download the free trial version that has convinced me to stop googling. Its 5-minute slideshow wizard simplifies the generation of the slideshow and can serve as a basis for further editing and customisation. If you opt for scrutinouswork, take advantage of such elements as keyframes and other animation and transition controlsto createavisual story that will absolutely astound the viewers.

Telling a story in an interesting way is a talent that will surely get more and more valuable with each day. Introducing a slideshow making service in your photo studio or design agency can lead to a substantial rise in your income. Now I am starting to think how SmartSHOW 3D with its powerful features and artistic “baits” can help me to boost my creativity as well as profit. Surely, the best way to learn is to start, and the first step has already been made – the tool is chosen.

I hope you found this review useful and enjoy working with the software!

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