Changing Design Trends for Site Maps

We know that trends keep changing. For fashion, what is haute today is not so haute tomorrow! The concept of advertising also keeps changing and the same applies to web design as well!

The way a website is presented evolves with time. In recent times with Web 2.0, things surely have taken a different turn. A website that passes its message to users effectively even tends to be more popular.

Whenever one mention about website interactivity, we often wonder what it is all about. Making a website interesting and engaging, interests users and causes them to spend more time on the site. It’s all about enriching user experience. Any website, that presents content in an interactive way will tend to hold a user’s attention.

This is visible when we see the website designs of the recent times. If we check out the websites of the earlier times, there is surely a marked difference in the web design.

If you are wondering which are the changes that you may or may not have noticed…simply read on! Let’s take a detailed look at the design structure of a Site Map. It is known that every website has a site map to help users to navigate with ease. Today, the site map does not consist only words and links but web designers have found a much more interactive and creative way to present these information.


Site Maps: Now a Creative Canvas

This example is about an interactive boutique agency that delivers creative solutions to their clients. The website is not about a simple click and view kinds; it is complete with all the interactive features. A visit to the site will first require you to create a quick ID and a character. This character takes you through the entire website. As you move the character over the graphics created, the surprise elements are discovered. The site map is distributed through the graphics. As you move the character, the various tabs open up to show the information. A very engaging use of a basic site map! –
All lovers of fiction will know the popularity of J.K. Rowling. Therefore J.K. Rowling has a very engaging and attractive website, like her books about Harry Potter! The official website contains a visually-appealing layout as seen in the example. The elements that are spread out are keys to the site map. There is the use of many interactive features which contain details about the site. The tabs such as Biography, Wizard of the Month, Tales of the Beedle and the Bard and even the contact tab are used very creatively into this layout. –
The site has a very interesting use of interactivity and a main graphic that captures the attention of the user. The various tabs are used in a creative fashion for users to browse through. As the cursor travels over the page, the various ‘doors’ open up to display relevant information. This is an interactive way to present the site map in an engaging manner. –
A communication group with a difference, this website has a very interesting site map. The different tabs are infused into the main image to make it engaging for the user. The main character on the webpage changes (in terms of the look) as per the mouse over on each section. The website manages to capture the attention and keeps user on the page. –
The various tabs of the site are used in a very creative way. The whole site map is presented with the use of cartoon figures that interests users to explore the website. The user can navigate easily through the site, as once the cursor is held over the different sections; the related areas are highlighted on the page. The use of creative elements and graphics makes the website very attractive to the user. –
These creative site maps must have surely gotten your creative juices flowing! The best thing for web designers is that such software is available to create and customize site maps. This sure takes away the time spent on the creation!

This shows how websites have changed in terms of the design and features! It also brings to light the use of website interactivity and how it can catch the attention of users. It’s time you explore the world of website interactivity. So, are you ready to delve into this creative world? I am sure this trend is bound to stay!

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    excellent designs, you sharing some new trends with us for more design inspiration.

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    I loved the tips given but being a newcomer to web designing I would like to know what are the kind of software available. This would help me in the design process!
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