Best web design tools you should be using for 2013

I remember web development was not an easy task in the beginning of the Internet. I remembered coding page by page in an web editor before being able to see the live output in Netscape. Now, putting a website on the web is as easy as using a wordpress blog. Nevertheless, for designers who need to do customization work, web development tools and alm tools for management are still essential to make your work easier. Here are some of the best web development tools introduced in 2012 that you should be using for 2013


Easel: In browser web designer tools

in browser web designer tool

Most in browser tools are meant for users to easily create their web sites or blogs. Easel targets users who want to a easier tool to do mockups and prototypes.  I think it is also a great tool for designers to quickly do a mockup and show our clients in real time how the site will look line. If you always want an in browser web design tool, you can give easel a try.


Niche site builders

niche site builders

2012 saw many store builders such as Shopify took off. With more and more niche businesses such as ecommerce being launched, designers need to master different site building platforms to expand our pool of potential client as well as to create a niche for ourselves. For example, I know of many wordpress designers and agencies. Shopify designers? Not so many.


Ninja: 3D web design tool

3D web design tool

With HTML 5 becoming more common, it is possible for web design to incorporate 3D into the website. If that is what your client wants, then at least know some tools that can help you create these 3D models for the web.  There is a new tool called Ninja developed by, which contains a full 3D production suite that you can use.


Opera: Mobile emulator tool

mobile emulator tool

With iPhone being used so frequently for web browsing, it is important for web sites to function and look good on the opera browser. This is where the opera mobile emulator tool comes in handy. It allows you to see how your client’s website will look in the mobile environment and offers debugging help. Mobile UI feedback tool

mobile UI feedback tool

If you need UI feedback on your mobile web sites, this UI feedback tool will be great. Containing all the things you need including heatmaps, AB testing and gesture recognition, you will enough feedback to know whether your mobile design is up to your clients’ expectations. A great tool. Infographic design tool

infographic design tool

Infographics have become a common way for companies to market their services and products. I am seeing more clients requesting for infographics as part of the service package. This is why becomes in. It is a great infographic design tool that simplifies the process of creating these beautiful charts using extensive data.


Hammer.js: Mutli touch JavaScript library

multi touch gesture javescript library

If you are looking for a javascript library for multi touch gestures, then Hammer.js will be the web development tool that you need. Featuring an extensive core of multi touch javascripts, it will make your web development that much easier.

SnipSave: Easy tool for code snippet saving

code snippet saving tool

SnipSave is like a bookmarking tool but for code snippets rather than web links. This tool makes it so much simpler to organize any codes snippets that you might need during web development work.  You might not think you need it but once you used, you cannot life without it. Highly recommended!.


AppCooker: iPhone and iPad mockup tools

iphone ipad mock tools

Doing app design work? Then appcooker will be the tool you will love. Being a ipad and iphone mockup tool, AppCooker allows designers to easily create wireframes of their app designs. The powerful feature is that these mockups can be retina ready, which is great to impress your clients.

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