Printable monthly calendars for 2016 – 12 surreally beautiful designs!

Today’s calendars are not just a system aimed to give information on week days; they are also a powerful means to organize both personal and professional schedules. Creating a personalized planner can make time management a more convenient and entertaining process. With proper software and a compelling idea, you can create your own calendar and keep track of all the events of your everyday life.

Here we present a set of printable monthly calendars for 2016 made with Photo Calendar Creator (learn more about the program at This award-winning software offers you vast opportunities to make different types of calendars: wall, desk, pocket calendars for any year or month. You can choose your design from a wide range of ready-made templates or create your own style with the help of ample built-in tools.

If you’re looking for a personal calendar collection, it’s high time to get down to business and make sure that 2016 will become truly unforgettable. Themed calendars always look good on the wall and encourage you to turn their pages to see what comes next. Our pack of printable monthly calendars represents the so-called “travel bucket list”. Every month displays an amazing place that you should visit before you die. While sharing a similar design, all the calendars are made of unique images and exquisite collages.

Although working on the calendar collection calls for high creativity, the final design shouldn’t involve unmatching grid cells, variegated fonts or eye-popping effects. Calendars are aimed at informing their users and organizing their time schedule, that’s why the dates and text captions must be clearly visible. In this post we’ll show you how to spice up your calendar set while staying within the style boundaries and preserving its usability.



2016 calendar design 1

This printable monthly calendar features the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. The mystical atmosphere of this place is successfully conveyed with the gradient background that complements the color of the grid cell and a slightly transparent text caption.



2016 calendar design 2

Yosemite Valley is widely regarded as one of the most popular sightseeing points. Its stunning nature has been captured in a fresh calendar design where the landscape photos seem to blend together thanks to a blur mask.



2016 calendar design 3

While the March calendar adopts a relatively low-key background and images of colorful tulip fields, it shares a common color scheme that isn’t hard on the eyes. The pictures used in the design are highlighted with the shadow effect and oval masks. Moreover, the grid cells are big enough to put personal information or insert additional images.



2016 calendar design 4

With Photo Calendar Creator, you can range the number of pictures on your calendar from a single photo to a full-fledged collage. This one, for example, comprises several images depicting the Italian maritime capital Venice. The right color decision lays the foundation for a seamless design that brings all the elements together and clearly marks this pattern among other printable monthly calendars for 2016.



2016 calendar design 5

The customized background is the key feature in the May calendar. In order to bring the ancient city of Bagan to life, we’ve put backwards a slightly lightened picture and then added two smaller images with clipping masks. Following this easy tip, you can introduce a third dimension to your calendar designs.



2016 calendar design 6

This romantic, yet energetic printable monthly calendar makes certain that you’ll always have Paris. The color choice conveys the atmosphere of this gitchy city, and the images provide different perspectives on the Eiffel Tower.



2016 calendar design 7

As the world’s largest coral reef system, the Great Coral Reef draws unparalleled attention of tourists and naturalists but remains inaccessible for many of them. This exotic design is made in blue colors to create the illusion of going underwater and seeing its diverse nature with your own eyes.



2016 calendar design 8

When you’re working on a collection of printable monthly calendars simplicity is the key. Although this design may seem rather empty, the lack of images leaves space to accentuate their details. Thanks to color filters and a mask with jagged edges, it looks as if the smaller picture gradually dissolves into the bigger one.



2016 calendar design 9

Russia and namely Siberia is always associated with cold winters. This calendar will remind you of puffy snow and glassy ice that covers rivers and lakes. The photos enframed with oval masks look exactly like small frozen ponds.



2016 calendar design 10

The October design, featuring the Greek Santorini Island, is filled with the southern sun, the fresh Mediterranean air and the melodic wash of the waves. You can achieve the same amazing result by picking colors that work great together, for instance, white, light blue and rose.



2016 calendar design 11

The Hang Son Dong cave depicted on this printable monthly calendar is so immense that it has its own river and jungles. The color palette and mosaic masks successfully recreate a mysterious and unearthly nature of this place.



2016 calendar design 12

Witness the sea of stars on the Maldives that is captured in this December design. Gorgeous photos along with vibrant colors and elegant outlines make a breathtaking effect and end the calendar collection on a high note.

This set of printable monthly calendars for 2016 invites you to join the digital journey around the globe. However Photo Calendar Creator is equipped with so many built-in tools and ready-made templates that you can easily make tons of personalized calendars or themed planners. Check out this calendar software and share your wonderful designs with the world!

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