W3-Markup.com: Psd to html conversion service review

As a designer, I often have to deal with psd to html conversion. I have heard about these slicing services but I have never tried any of them. Recently, I finally decided to take the plunge and see how much time such services can save me and how good their quality is.

The service I tried is w3-markup.com. Overall, it was a smooth and pleasant experience.

The process of order submission is pretty straight forward and the interface is easy to use. All you need to do is select the number of pages you want to convert, when you want it to be delivered and upload your file. The system will auto generate the total payment. This is a nice touch as there is no hidden cost and I don’t waste any time waiting for a quotation.

In terms of payment, there are 3 choices. I picked the paypal option, which turns out to be the most convenient.  Again, the process doesn’t take very long, which saves me a lot of time.

The response time is excellent. I received a notification immediately. The email also contains a link that takes you to your project setting where I can be updated on the progress of my psd to html conversion order.

The nicest thing is that you will get a personal manual review of your psd file. This is great because it helps to clarify some of the things that are not 100% clear to avoid any unexpected results. The feedback that I received for my file was quite professional as can be seen below.

So far so good. All these would count for nothing if the end result is not perfect. I am happy to say that it is, in fact, perfect in this case. The conversion turned out to be great and the entire process saved me a lot of my time to focus on the actual designing.

I hope you found this review useful in case you are looking for a reliable psd to html conversion service.


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  1. sunil says:

    Thanks this information will be beneficial for me in my projects.

  2. Jacob Frank says:

    Thanks for the review, the service sounds nice.
    If I don’t have time to code my designs I normally outsource the coding to odesk or similar sites, but w3-markus sounds like a nice alternative

  3. Rosenquist smith says:

    I have read it review for the conversion of Html.

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