Essential joomla plugins if you want to sell on your joomla website

Are you interested in Joomla and everything Joomla has to offer? Look no further than this review of their most lucrative and easy to use services!

sell using joomla website


Build a Website with Free Joomla Template

Creating a website the traditional way can be time-consuming, frustrating, and even expensive. If you aren’t familiar with website code or traditional website platforming, the experience can not only be frustrating—but nearly impossible! It can also take up a significant amount of your precious time which can be better spent elsewhere.

This is where Joomla comes in. Joomla offers a free website template that makes building and setting up your own website as easy as one, two, and three! The template is easy and simple enough for even a beginner to understand, but it also offers a lot of features that website pros will enjoy using.

The true benefit of building your website using the Joomla template is that it will take the work off your hands, and into the hands of Joomla. You won’t need to spend hours researching code or crafting a website line by line—you can finish building a template in no time, and go on to the next step!


Enable PayPal Payment in Joomla

The process of setting up your products on a traditional website can be confusing–not to mention time consuming. But when you enable payment via PayPal with Joomla, you can make money in your sleep!

Joomla’s PayPal Digital Goods interface allows you to manage your products using the PDG extension when you are selling through a PayPal Business Account. This extension allows you to simply assign product names to your products, determine your price, pick what particular digital product you want to sell, save and that’s it. You can manage your transactions and, if you purchase certain components, even allow for immediate payment and delivery. This removes the need for pesky and troublesome invoices and other hassling aspects of traditional PayPal payment.

If you don’t have PayPal business account and you still want to ensure that your buyers can purchase your products with the click of a mouse, then the Joomla PayPal IPN component will do the job. The PayPal IPN component allows for immediate purchase and download, making the transaction process easier and simpler than ever.

PayPal Subscription Manager will enable your customers to subscribe your membership service. It provides a simple user interface and support recursive payment. With this Joomla extension, making money with subscription becomes possible in your design webiste.


Post Your Design on Joomla with Purchase Button

The “purchase button” is the key to getting your designs and products to sell on your Joomla website with ease. The purchase button will allow customers to buy the products offered on your Joomla website without the hassle of waiting for invoices, etc. that is associated with a traditional PayPal purchase.

Once you have built your website using the free Joomla template, and install the PayPal Digital Goods extension or IPN component, you will be able to sell your products through your Joomla site.


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