Four effective ways to bring the visual merchandising in your store to life

 Long before your customers even walk inside of your store, they have already taken a glance at your visual merchandise. Whether it is the sale sign hanging in the window, the sandwich signs placed on the sidewalk or even the well-dressed mannequins that seem to greet your customers immediately, your store’s visual merchandising will make an impression on them long before you do. Here are four ways for you to add life to your merchandising in order to make those tools much more effective.


Understand the Artistic Power and Embrace It

Before you focus on improving the quality of your store’s visual merchandising, you must first embrace and accept the artistic power that makes it all work. Many people seem to take visual merchandising for granted, especially if there is not a strict plan or blueprint developed for them to follow when it comes to signage, mannequin placement, chosen models, garment samples, etc. It is important to note that while anyone can do visual merchandising, it takes a marketing artist to do it well.

Customers have to be able to enjoy and experience your company through your visual merchandising, according to the Houston Chronicle – especially when it is surrounding a particular product. Make color choices and adjacent displays or models that match your centerpieces and the primary focal areas throughout your store.


Color, Color and More Color

Once you have realized and embraced the artistic power of your visual merchandising, you should also consider using bold colors and shapes to further bring your merchandising to life for your customers. Never underestimate the power of colors in this regard, because studies have proven that the appropriate use of bold colors in visual merchandising can increase the amount of traffic generated by the average business.

This is especially the case when it comes to your window displays. One study showed that 20 percent of the people that come inside of your store are doing so simply because they noticed something that was very colorful in your window, according to Entrepreneur. Find creative ways to bring bold shapes and colors to further accentuate and highlight your visuals. Doing so will increase your chances of catching the eye of a skeptical customers or critic that would not have come inside otherwise.


Do Not Overlook the Overall Store Appearance

While spending a considerable amount of your productivity time and the available funds in your marketing budget, do not forget to take the time to pay close attention to your store’s overall appearance as well. Having colorful, clean and well-organized visual signage and displays throughout your store is a great idea.

However, they will not hold very much value if you have them posted and placed within a store that is nowhere near as clean and organized.

In addition to taking good care of the exterior appearance of your store, make sure that you remember to consider the interior appearance as well. Pay close attention to the condition of your showcases, endcaps and shelves as well as any sales racks that could still be on the floor.

The last thing that you need is to have your products damaged or a customer injured simply because you did not keep up with the overall maintenance and upkeep of your shelving units, racks and other types of displays. The same is the case when it comes to your front-end technology. For example, you want to go for a much more modern and efficient machine, you should invest in a mobile POS system such as the ones sold by Shopify instead of a traditional cash register.  Keeping your store fresh will keep your customers feeling comfortable, according to Creativity Window, which will keep them coming back for more business in the future.


Let There Be Light – And a Lot of It

When setting up your visual merchandising, make sure that you have plenty of lighting available as well. This should be viewed as a top priority when it comes to your window signage, displays and even the mannequins that you might have strategically placed in front of the window.

Using nothing but natural lighting will mostly help your business during the daylight hours, but is completely ineffective as the sun begins to set. If you want to be able to harness the marketing power of your visual merchandising 24/7, then you need to invest in high-quality lighting stands, kits and equipment in order to achieve that goal.


The Bottom Line

Chances are that you will have to spend a considerable amount of time, money and effort in order to successfully use visual merchandising as an effective marketing tool for your store. However, when you notice how many more sales you are able to generate as a result of your investment, you will strongly believe that it was worth every penny.

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