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In my earlier article on finding the cheapest stock photos,  I mentioned as the best choice. They offer USD0.33 per photo if you use less than 300 per month. Since then, I have using their service and I have got a lot of good things to say about what they offer. However, the best thing is that in recognition of my review, they are giving me some free sample Christmas lights background for my readers. If you are a designer looking to get hold of free images for your Christmas design work, you can download a few free samples at the end of the article.

Since using them for a month for my stock photos needs, there are a couple of things that I liked about this service:

Best prices for stock photos

This is still one of their best value propositions. Cost wise, they offer the cheapest stock photos around for somebody like me who doesn’t use more than 300 photos per month. The cost savings translates to better margins for my design projects.

Good selection of photos

The quality and the selection of the photos are sufficient for my needs. The photos that they have made a lot of sense in terms of how they will be used. They understand what a designer like me needs in terms of the images. Nothing too overly complicated can be found here. Rather, it is all relevant images that one can manipulate easily with photoshop to get the best results that you need for you project.

For example, when I was searching for Christmas lights background for this giveaway, I can easily what I think will be useful for designers who can then used these images for their own work.

Easy to use interface

I like the no fuss interface. I select the images that I want to buy and the system takes me to a screen to further my choice in terms of size and resolution. After the selection, the checkout process is also smooth as depositphotos uses a credit system, meaning that I don’t need to take out my credit card for every transaction as I have prepaid the credits.

Free Christmas light background

As promised, here are a few free Christmas light backgrounds that you can download for free. These images measure 2449 x 1633 (4 MP), and have a dpi of 300 (8.2″ x 5.4″). Just click on any of the images below to go to the high resolution one and right click your ‘save as’ button.

Blue Christmas light background

Colorful Christmas light background

White Christmas light background

I hope you enjoy these free stock images from Depositphotos. If you need additional photos, there are some discount for Christmas images at the main website. You can take a look to see if there are any discounted images there that you can use for your design projects.

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  1. sayem says:

    this collection is very nice which i was looking for.

  2. webinfobd says:

    Thanks for beautiful post. beautiful nice light background. Need more light pictures.

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