How to start your design business on Android without coding skills

These days, it pays to build an app when you are running a business. However, some put off from this idea since they think that this will require a lot of investment for both money and time. But you need to know that you can never be better than anyone else unless you keep up with today’s technology. Many of your targets are using android apps and unless you have one, you can never maximize your trade’s profitability.

The good news is: you can now create your own app! In fact, you don’t even have to be a coding expert to do it. All that is needed is to check out some android tutorials online and you are good to go.


What kind of Android Apps is suitable for designers?

start a design business with no coding skills


When planning to create an android app, you need to know what type is the most suitable for you. If you go for wallpaper apps, you can check out some step by step programming guide and tips found in There, you can find a detailed Android Wallpaper App tutorial. It is complete with all the necessary instructions and full source code. Here, you will be taught how to create a new android project in eclipse, how to place GridView in layout XML, how to generate image item in GridView, trying example android app and where to download example source code without any cost!


Business Strategy

After creating your android app, the next thing that you may want to know is how to monetize it. Well, there are a lot of tools that can help you when it comes to this matter online and AdMob is one of the best that you can find these days. This will:

  • Allow you to add power analytics for your app without any cost. It is essential to know on how your app is being used. Admob will segment them based on behavior and it will act according to these insights. Here, you can also check out how your ad and in-app purchase went through.
  • It provides intelligent reports. Expect to get data more than just your average eCPM and fill rate. You will be provided with information on how to maximize your earning potentials.
  • You can be paid with your own currency through its local payment feature. Hence, forget about using conversion calculators.
  • Its conversion optimizer tool provides smarter app promotion
  • Its filters and robust features provide adequate control in refining the ads appearing on your site thereby protecting your brand and promote relevancy.

Remember, it just takes some initiatives to learn how to create your own app. After all, it will not only provide you saving opportunities but open portals to learn a new skill as well.

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