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10Steps.SG is proud to have an interview with Axeraider70, a name that we always come across when in search of high quality brushes. We can see his works on DeviantArt ( as well as some design magazines. Now let us find out more about the creator behind all the amazing freebies.

Hello Axeraider70, welcome to 10Steps.SG! I will like to thank you for taking the time to provide us with this interview. Before we move on, how about giving us a brief bio?

Well, my full name is Xavier Durand-Hollis Jr. I am 16 years old (to be 17 in December) and I am a junior in high school. I started using the computer to make ‘pixel art’ when I was around 10 and then maybe four years later I started learn how to use Photoshop. Of course, I was using an old copy of Photoshop 5.5 that came with some printer my dad had bought, but it worked just the same. I made my first deviantART (axeraider67) account a little while after that.

I didn’t really start getting into graphics until about a year ago when I was attempting to run my website, 2XGU. This is also around when I came out with my oldest brush sets like Winter Breeze. Since then I’ve been hanging out around deviantART, making some great friends along the way, doing what I love, and well… it’s just been a blast in general.

You have made excellent sets of Photoshop brushes. Where does your inspiration come from?

Music is my inspiration, I get so many vivid images in my head from listening to it. I usually always have something playing when I am making a brush set.

This is probably what most will like to know. Since your brushes are of such high quality, why don’t you sell them instead of giving out for free?

Free brushes are a lot harder to steal. I don’t think I would get half as many reports on people ripping my stuff as I do now if they were for sale.

Also, I really have a hard time doing commissions. People are so hard to please sometimes. I’d rather make something that I think looks good, then sell the licenses to people who think so as well.
And probably the most important reason, I get so many wonderful comments from people all the time about my free brushes. They’re really great to read. While I don’t respond to a lot of them, I do read every single one.

Do you have any favorite artist(s)?

Yes. Although he has slowed down on his graphics prowess since the good ol’ days, my friend Jacob Ryan Wolfrum ( would have to be the artist I respect most on the net. I rely on him all the time for second opinions on artwork and he always goes above and beyond to help out.

I’m also a big fan of anime artists, like my friend Kabocha ( who is also responsible for converting all my brushes for you Photoshop 7 users.

Are you attending any formal training in a design school?

No. I’ve not had such an opportunity.

What are your tools of the trade?

I use a 6×8 Wacom tablet, and Photoshop Elements 3.0 on a very nice iMac Tiger.

Any website(s) that you visit regularly?

Aside from deviantART, I pay regular visits to,, and

Lastly, I will like to thank you once again for this interview. Is there anything that you wish to share with the designers at 10Steps.SG?

You never know what your next masterpiece will be. Life surprises you all the time. Sometimes not right a way. So I offer you this: get good, and get lucky.

Thanks for having me here! Also, if anybody has an xbox gamertag add axegenral and we can play sometime!

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  1. Good posting, I favorited your blog so I can visit again in the near future, Thanks

  2. nice interview. I already knew about Axeraider for his excellent brushes since i was starting learning photoshop. keep up the good work and make more brushes for us=)

    Nice job Johnson


  3. Johnson says:

    Yup Dainis. This is the first! 😀

  4. oh, that’s first interview from You i Think, enjoyed..:)

  5. Derek L says:

    rubina is just a copycat imo lol

  6. Dennis says:

    agree on Rubina119!

  7. Da brush says:

    In my opinion Axeraider and rubina119 ( are the best Abstract brush makers.

    And great interview 😉

  8. Johnson says:

    Yup. He is one of my personal favorite for Photoshop Brushes too 😉

  9. Yami says:

    Cool ! I always loved Axeraider70 brushes, and this interview is perfect ! Thanks !

  10. evilL0rd says:

    Nice Interview 😀

  11. Justin K says:

    Interesting to read, thanks.

  12. monsterTruck says:

    wow very talented young lad 🙂
    i’m a heavy user of his brushes

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