Interview – Riccardo Sabatini

Riccardo Sabatini is an interesting person and amazing designer from Italy. At a young age of 26, he had already won many design awards with his professional artworks. We are proud to have the chance to interview Riccardo today.
Hi Riccardo! First I want to thank you for taking up this interview. And as usual, how about telling us more about you?

The image below explains all about myself 😀

How did you first get involved with digital art and design?

At high school, discovering books from the biblioteque. And experimenting by myself, cause my teachers were not so “professional”.

"Experimenting by myself, cause my teachers were not so professional"
You have done many interesting posters, such as “OBEY” and “WALK WITH THE STUPIDS” for your university. Which one of them is your favorite?

Obey. Absolutely Obey. Shepard fairey is one of my favourite artists.

"Shepard fairey is one of my favourite artists."
I saw a traditional Chinese painting in your gallery. It is a fantastic artwork which we can seldom see from most digital artists. Where do you get your inspiration from?

From who made first. Masters like Hokusai or Hiroshige, I know that now you can see a lot of digital artworks with the tipical influence of the Ukiyo-e (classical Japanese genre of artistic print on wood of the past centuries), but the roots are traditional and everybody should know that.

"The roots are traditional and everybody should know that."
What are your tools of the trade, both hardware and software?

For first, imagination. And bad visual taste.
For real, Photoshop and Illustrator, as software.
And my Canon Eos and my hands, as hardware.

"My Canon Eos and my hands, as hardware"
How is your typical day like?

A mess. I do different jobs so I never know what’s a typical day. Sometimes is computer, design for commissions or for myself and hang over the free time. Sometimes is drive around the van for catering service and go work as barman/waiter where I have to go. Whatever, future is variable.

"I do different jobs so I never know what’s a typical day."
Are there any website(s) that you visit regularly?

Yes. Deviantart, cause there are my website inside it and a lot of other sites from from hot people in their field (design, illustration, visuals etc.). Some interesting blogs around the blog. Facebook, cause it’s useful to stay in contact with the people you know. Youtube, Last Fm, Myspace and other music sites to find some new hot music. Don’t care about the videos. My mail, of course, and everyday some free navigation to find new interesting stuff on the web.

Alright Riccardo, thank you very much once again for the interview. As a final word, do you have any tips for upcoming artists and designers?

Laugh well who laugh last. If you don’t want to be the last in this field you will not be the last, just open up your eyes, discover evrey kind of style and composition, take influence from other things (like music but also like history), don’t try to be “common” to result more “nice” to the people. Originality never goes out of fashion.

"Originality never goes out of fashion."
For more updates of Riccardo Sabatini’s works, visit his portfolio at

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  1. Thanks Sadhu.
    Generally or a specific one?

  2. sadhu says:

    nice work….

  3. Thanks Monster.
    If you want to see it in high resolution go here
    Cheers buddy.

  4. MonsterTruck08 says:

    Love the watercolor painting

  5. Mark K says:

    Hello there Richard! Am referring to the curriculum. It looks realli cool~

  6. Thanks man, are you talking about the curriculum or the photo profile “gangsta-vector”?

  7. Mark K says:

    Like the way he descibes himself in an image!

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