Interviews of Ten Accomplished Founders

There are several sites that I am checking out for updates almost everyday. Here are ten of them along with the interviews of their founder(s). Do read up on their visions and how they came about developing these amazing sites.
  BuySellAds – Todd Garland

"I launched because I was frustrated. I had two web design related sites I was running as a hobby and I was selling ads on these sites. The entire process of getting advertisers, managing payment terms & methods, and keeping track of when to put ads up and when to take them down, etc. was entirely frustrating and inefficient. So, I decided to start to solve my problems."

  Envato – Colliss Ta’eed

"This is embarrassing but the very first time I used Photoshop was because I wanted a wallpaper with a gorgeous girl on it, and oddly I couldn’t find any I liked. So I asked my flatmate who was in design school and he showed me how to use the pen tool to cut stuff out, and then I was hooked."

  Good Tutorials – Zach Holman

"I read up on search engine optimization, I understand concepts of PageRank, linking, and so on, but to be honest I never really bothered with it too much beyond some of the more basic techniques. I figure that if I spend more time building a quality site, more people will link to it."

  Abduzeedo – Fabio Sasso

"Abduzeedo started in the end of 2006. My office had been robbed and I had lost my computer and all my backups for the past 6 months of work. It was really tough and I had lots of experimental works in my computer, all of which were lost. I then decided to start a blog to promote myself and backup my experimental work, which became the tutorials I do now."

  Tutorial9 – David Leggett

"In late 2007, a good friend and I started talking about building another similar site, originally with the name “Photo9″, but during our conversation we decided that we should give it room to expand in the future – appropriately naming it Tutorial9 (in homage to the Phrase Cloud9)."

  DeviantArt – Angelo-Sotira

"In 2000, there was no place for artists to put their artwork online. DeviantArt was founded by a programmer, an artist, and an entrepreneur. I would be the entrepreneur."

  iStockPhoto – Bruce LivingStone

"The idea was to develop a credit based system where I could trade images with other photographers and designers. The deal was simple, if you downloaded an image, the photographer who shot the image was given a credit to download another image."

  Pixel2Life – Dan Richard

" actually began as a personal portfolio site I was designing while recovering from a serious bout of food poisoning. I was working out quite a bit at the time and had zero plans for taking on any new web design projects since my fairly complete retirement in 2002."

  theFWA – Rob Ford

"FWA evolved in to a business after about six years in existence, mainly as I was getting a lot of advertising enquiries and traffic was going crazy. It was a natural progression."

  SmashingMagazine – Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

"It is important that more designers realize that usable and functional web-sites build the foundation of successful web-sites. Gorgeous design can wait. We, at, still don’t have it. We’re not sure we’ll ever have."

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  1. lawrence77 says:

    i love this!
    and also now a chance to know who are all the developers of the respective sites! 🙂

  2. WebUnicorn says:

    It’s very useful to read others experience
    thank you for this effort

  3. Johnson Koh says:

    No problem Ivan! Glad you enjoyed as much as I do 😉

  4. its really goood, i wached all sites !!! thanks alot Koh…! xD

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