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Ever thought of having a Content Management System for Flash? Now we have it! FlashMoto CMS is a revolutionary content management system aimed at Flash developers and designed to simplify the publication of Web content to Flash websites. FlashMoto is fast, flexible and extensible. It provides a powerful development platform that enables you to extend functionality with presentation. The ease of use and richness of Flash CMS were reached due to the diligent work and great efforts of our team of professionals.



Content Editing


Properties and Effects Editing

FlashMoto lets Flash developers create Flash websites that are easy to maintain and update. Via a convenient admin panel you can edit any content of your website including sounds, website structure, image galleries and much more. FlashMoto CMS will make your website absolutely SEO-friendly due to the rewritable URLs and deep linking. It was never so easy to create and edit flash websites as today with FlashMoto CMS!
Click here to check out all the amazing features in FlashMoto!
You may also click on the banner below to try out its Demo. This Demo version has no limits and fully corresponds to the end product. It will give you a full freedom to create a powerful Flash website and take complete control of it. By registering a free demo account you will be able to evaluate the quality and usability of our content management system, get a feel for things and try your skills before purchasing.
Lastly, if you are thinking of having more templates for this FlashMoto CMS, you can purchase them over at! Make sure you check them out.

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  1. fishing lure says:

    Plz respond back as I’m hunting to make my own internet site and would like to know where you got this from. thanks.

  2. v7web says:

    Thanks for the great review, I was looking for a cms for my site and after having a look at FlashMoto CMS, I have to say that I am really impressed.

  3. Well I definitely liked reading it. This post provided by you is very useful for correct planning.

  4. Yet another nice post, I like it. I’ve checked out other posts on here and I you’ve got some nice content. I’ll be back.

  5. Elvis Lonas says:

    I have rooted all over the internet looking for interesting ideas, i think your site is well informed and i would love for us to colaborate on the subject further.

  6. poko says:

    hi johnson,
    i ve been also looking for such a system and tried out flashmoto, the’ve done a very cool interface, but no way give this to my customers, they will destroy everything 🙁
    there is something upcomming with clear separation of content & design and easyer
    way to build and manage (i’ve tried the beta and was suprised of the concept)
    have a look at

    • Johnson Koh says:

      Hello Poko, pardon me as I do not get on the point why FlashMoto will destroy everything? Is there any technical problems with it as so far I tested and it seems to be perfectly fine.

    • poko says:

      not the system is destroying something, the customers do, if they are able to 😉
      flashmoto did a really good job on the technical side. but i does not work for me to give it to my customers.
      i like more the concept of this spryflash guy’s, there the designer (me) can make everything and my customers are only able to change the content 🙂

    • Johnson Koh says:

      I got what you mean now Poko. 🙂 That is a good point in the view of a reseller. Maybe there will be a User Management tool where you can configure controls available for customers in future.

  7. Thank you, I love to read articles that are informative and beneficial in nature.

  8. FlashMoto says:

    Johnson, thanks for the great review!
    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  9. dGjess says:

    meri xmas

  10. viperfra says:

    nice, is it still on beta stage? Btw, will these programs finally be so advanced that Actionscript is just useless?

    Forcing Actionscripters out there to quit their jobs? Lol

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