Qbrushes and Qvectors Got Redesigned

I believe most of us are familiar with Qbrushes.com for its huge collection of high quality Photoshop brushes. Recently Qbrushes has just redesigned itself along with other Q sites to provide the design community with a lot more freebies and interesting functions. Let us see what is new here!

Add to Favorites

This feature is especially useful when there are so many brushes to browse through in the database. Marking a brush set as favorite allows you to retrieve it easily when you visit the site again later. This amazing function works for both registered and non registered users. The only difference between them is that you can only mark a total of 6 favorites for non members, whereas it is unlimited for the members.

Buy and Sell Extended Licenses

This is a great news for all the brush creators. They are now able to get some minor returns for the hardwork they put in for us. There is an option to sell extended licenses off all the Q sites when submitting a work. Please do not worry that Qbrushes is now having paid brushes. There is still a good balance between the paid and free items!

Preview of Brush Set

Many at times we download a brush set based on the beautiful preview done by the creator. Now you also have the option to preview every brush in the set.

Better Categorization of Items

Take a look at the new site now and you can definitely navigate to the exact type of brushes that you are looking for.

Setting Up User Profiles

You will soon be able to promote yourself and works via the user profile page. Stay tuned for more great features coming up!
Other than Qbrushes and Qvectors, we will be expecting the followings to be launched soon!

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  1. Dzinepress says:

    cool and hope there will more creative stuff for designers.

  2. Ali Sharif says:

    Hey guys, qbrushes.com is not accessible! please change those links to qbrushesh.net

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