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If you have been active on the free lancing front, you will have noticed the increase in design contest sites. These are sites that help clients to organise a design contest among freelancers so that the best can be chosen. It is not a bad way to generate customer leads for designers and I predict there will be lots more of such design contest sites going forward.

In this article, I will be doing a review of a  logo design contest site called logoarena.com.

Like all logo design contest sites, a client first need to submit his or her requirements. The info is then passed to designers who are members of this site so that they can participate in the contest.  There are a couple of things that I liked about this particular service.

First, the money back gurantee is really a nice marketing feature to attract more clients. The gurantee states that if you contest does not generate more than 50 designs, then the money will be returned to the client. I think this will definitely draw more businesses to the site, which means more opportunities for designers to get more work.

So far, the quality of the submitted work is really high. Below are some of the sample logos that have been created by the design contests.

To ensure the quality of the site, each logo designer has been carefully selected before they are allowed to bid on the job. I think this is a great move. Although it might leave some designers out, this focus on quality will ensure the clients are happy with thier work and will use such design contest sites more. This in turn will benefit the design community in general, especially for those looking to create their portfolio work. Rather than trying to find clients, such sites offer a steady stream of potential customers to look with.

Speaking of designers, I like the gallery or profile page that each logo designer will have once they have signed up for the site. Below is a screenshot of how this profile page will look like. It is clean and the badges with the sample works make it easy for any client to quickly gauge the quality of the designer.

Another cool feature is their leaderboard for logo designers. Based on a transparent formulate that closely reassembles the formula 1 racing, the leaderboard ranks all the logo designers according to the points they scored. The benefit is of course that the highly ranked designers will achieve the greatest visibility among clients who visited Logo Arena. This creates a friendly competition among designers and also helps to increase the stickiness of the site. Below is how the leaderboard looks like:

In summary, logoarena.com is a great service offering logo design contest. Although there might be others who argue that such design contest sites cheapen the value of designers, I see it as a great platform, especially for younger designers who have not established any clientele or brand of their own. By focusing on doing their best work and not worrying about finding client, design contest sites help these designers to established themselves in the online space.

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