New ID photo editor for 2016 – best alternative to photoshop

Entering into a marriage? Setting off for a tour around the globe? Or starting a new life in another country? All these events call for specially prepared ID photos. Whether it’s a picture for visa, passport, driving license, student union card, fitness club pass, reader’s ticket or even DV lottery, it should be of high quality and meet the requirements set by competent authorities. If you’re sick and tired of spending your money on pricy professional photographers, you may want to shoot and edit your ID pictures right at home.



To get these photos, many users try to master Photoshop, but there are plenty of applications that are much easier to grasp. Take a look at Passport Photo Maker: – an efficient ID photo editor that provides you with all the necessary tools for making a perfect official picture and then printing it in no time. You no longer need to google photo size requirements and photo studios working in your neighborhood. Check out new opportunities granted by this app for making ID photos and decide whether you’re ready to step into the shoes of a studio photographer.


Photo Templates for All Common ID Types

One thing you won’t find in Photoshop and other common image editors is a collection of ID formats that you can use for preparing your pictures. On the ID Type tab of Passport Photo Maker, you’ll find templates for most types of official documents, like a passport or a driving license. For convenience’ sake, the ID types are divided into separate categories for different countries. The extensive database is always kept up-to-date and is renewed with each version of the program. Just add your photo, click on the type of ID you want to get, and be sure that the app will apply all the size requirements for you.



Smart Cropping Tool

The first and the most useful editing tool is the Crop tool that can be applied automatically or manually. The good news is this photo editing software is capable of smart cropping, which means that the application will detect the face on your photo and cut the picture in accordance with your ID size requirements. In the corresponding tab, there are also three icons showing the facial area, the head size and the distance between the eyes. Check them to make sure that your ID photo fits into formal restrictions.


While on the Crop tab, you can also rotate your image whatever you like to put shoulders onto one level, for example. Other apps enable you to crop and rotate ID photos all the same, but they seriously lack ready-made solutions. Passport Photo Maker software has a more intuitive interface and provides your with more targeted functions.


Easy Editing, Clothes & Background Replacement

Another advantage of this ID photo editor is the Edit tab where you can change the color balance, adjust highlights and shadows or fiddle with the level settings. Changing the background color in a few clicks comes in handy if you shoot a picture at home and do not have plain backdrops to hang behind you.


To retouch your photo, use the Blur, Sharpen, and Contrast tools. Remove the red-eye effect with a special brush and adopt Clone Stamp to hide skin imperfections. In this app it’s especially easy to change some everyday clothes worn by a person on the photo with more official ones. Imagine how much time and patience a similar task would have taken in Photoshop. Here you can do the same by clicking on a couple of buttons.


Saving & Printing Opportunities

With the help of this ID photo editor, you can save your photos as JPG/PNG images or immediately print them right at home. The application offers several printing templates, so there’s no need to arrange your pictures manually. You can even combine ID photos of different types on a single page and print them at a time.


Passport Photo Maker software is perfect for both home users and professional photo studios. It is equipped with an intuitive interface, an easy-to-master toolkit and advanced image processing algorithms that ensure the best quality of your pictures. What’s even more, the application features handful tips for taking perfect ID photos that can be later thoroughly edited. Download the free demo version: and discover ways of saving your time and money!

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