Pixel Art Mania 2 – Making Pixel Art

We’ve seen a lot of beautiful digital pixel art done by dedicated artists in Part 1.1 and Part 1.2. Now if you’re interested to do one, here is a list of existing tutorials for you to check out.
Creating your Pixel Art with Photoshop
This is our very own pixel art tutorial created by Johnson Koh. For Photoshop users who want to make images with pixel outlines.
Gas 13
Alexey Garkushin has compiled a great list of tutorials for pixel art and this is an excellent start.
Arjan Westerdiep is great at both pixel art and teaching! This is a great read and if you like it, you can buy the full tutorial at the site.
Mark’s Pixel Art Tutorial
Very comprehensive tutorial on starting pixel art. Sweet.
Derek Yu’s The Pixel Tutorial
Another very comprehensive tutorial on creating pixel art. Thank god for these kind folks.
Another big list of tutorials submitted by artists around the world.
Guðrun J has created a few tutorials for those who are interested in creating animated emoticons, objects or simple characters.
Dan Solomon has created a simple pixel pattern tutorial for you to make website backgrounds, wallpapers and even textures if you want.
Flip Flop Flyin’
Craig Robinson’s made a simple tutorial on making your very own pixel head. Great for starters!
This oneoff tutorial is a pretty good introduction to isometric pixel art.
How to Make Pixel Art
A short clip on creating pixel art, purchase for indepth tutorials.
Create a Simple Pixel Tree
Create Pixel Art with Illustrator
Create an Isometric House in Less Than 30 Minutes!
The video’s 7 minutes, but who knows how long I’ll take.

Here are other softwares that can help you create pixel art and animations if you do not want or have Adobe Photoshop. There are pros and cons of using these softwares, but if you’re looking to create pixel landscapes or images only, Photoshop can do the trick. For animations or sprites or gaming images, the following softwares might be worth a shot.

This program is ideal for artists working on detailed and pixel precise graphics as required for mobile devices, and handheld or PC 2D gaming. It also suites well to create light weight graphics for the web or Macromedia Flash applications.
This software is great to make animated gifs and pixel characters. It’s got an onion-skinning feature which helps a lot in seeing how the animation will turn out. Pretty cool.
A very good image editor/creator for the Mac. It’s catered to pixel artists and animators, and it’s FREE~
This is an incomplete program for oldskool pixel/bitmap art around the Amiga era. It’s set in 256 colors only.
MS Paint
For the hardcore, this little program comes with every Windows software, so you can start your very own pixel art today!
Also, we have included a list of pixel art community sites and collaborations, where anyone can join in to show off their work or take a plot of pixel land and contribute to the pixel landscapes.
Icon Town
Icon Wax Museum
Pixel Museum
Pixel Stamps
Flickr groups


And that’s it for this round of pixel art mania. Feel free to post your findings below and watch out for Part 3, coming soon!

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