Problems with Installing Adobe CS4

Finally my company is planning to convert all our tools to the latest Adobe CS4 Master Collection 😀 Excited to get a feel of it, I uninstall my existing CS3 through the Control Panel and downloaded CS4 Trial Version. However, things does not happen smoothly as I thought where I was unable to install any of the CS4 components. Luckily, was still able to get everything done right in the end and I’m here to share the processes. Hope it will help some who met the similar problem.
Following are the safest processes to transit from Adobe CS3 to CS4:

– Backup all your Actions, Brushes and other files
– Uninstall Adobe CS3 through the Control Panel
Download Adobe CS3 Clean Script here
– Run Adobe CS3 Clean Script and follow the instructions
– Now you can start to install your new Adobe CS4!

However, if you did not apply that Adobe CS3 Clean Script before installing CS4, MOST LIKELY you will get the error message like the one I have got below:
Installation Error

Installation of the following components has failed:
Adobe Drive CS4
To continue installing the remaining options, click Continue.
To cancel this installation, click Quit.

Here is what you can do to clear the mess ( only for Windows Users ):

– Backup all your Actions, Brushes and other files
– Uninstall Adobe CS4 through the Control Panel
Download Adobe CS4 Clean Script here
– Right click on CS4InstallerDatabaseUtility.exe and select Run As Adminstrator
– Follow the instructions to clear the files
Download Adobe CS3 Clean Script here
– Run Adobe CS3 Clean Script and follow the instructions
– Now you can start to install your new Adobe CS4!

I am not sure why I have to run two separate Clean Script for both CS3 and CS4 here. But this is the only set of processes I tried that works perfectly. Hope these notes will be useful for you some day.

For further supports, you may post your issues at one of the Adobe Forums. The experts there are friendly to help out 😉

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  1. ragpicker says:

    There is NO Adobe CS4 clean script, only CS3 and CS4.

  2. shams says:

    i m unable to install adobe flash cs4 on my windows 7 there is comming an error msg pls help me

  3. With havin so much content and articles do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright violation? My website has a lot of completely unique content I’ve either written myself or outsourced but it looks like a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my authorization. Do you know any techniques to help prevent content from being stolen? I’d definitely appreciate it.

  4. mt says:

    OMG I can’t believe I got it.
    What was crucial for me was deleting the whole folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe.
    This was the only thing that made it work.
    Thank you!!!

  5. Very useful information, thanks for article

  6. Nice site! I enjoy a few of the articles that have been written, and especially the comments posted! I will definately be returning!

  7. PcHelpForYou says:

    For some reason, after running the cs4 script i’m still getting problems, it wont installed the major cs4 programs.

    I really don’t want to re-install windows

  8. graphfreak says:

    thank’s a bunch….terima kasih…very helpfull

  9. Jolaine says:

    Well, I am desprately trying to install CS4 for a class. I am now trying to follow your instructions but I cannot uninstally what I have downloaded.
    The Ai flashes on to begin the install but then nothing happens….so very frustrating. I am running Vista and am not all that computer savy. Can anyone help me?

  10. Joy says:

    I’m having problems with my flash CS4. Every time I convert my object to symbol the properties panel never change. I mean the color effects panel, filters and others that appear after convertion is not visible. What could be the problem?? I need to use my flash for projects. Thanks!

    • Johnson Koh says:

      Hello Joy, very sorry that I am unable to assist you on this. I am not really a user for Flash CS4 as I still cannot leave Flash CS3 after being too comfortable with it. I believe there are bound to be some problems since there is a huge change from CS3 to CS4. I suggest you to send the bug reports to Adobe and give them some time to work on this matter.

  11. John says:

    Please somebody help me!!!
    when I start Setup.exe for Adobe CS4, it geaves me the mesage (you have to serialize the product)

  12. Bonnie says:

    Johnson you are wonderful!!!!!! I have been fighting to get a clean install of the Master Collection CS4 for weeks. My son who is in IT even worked on it one night for me for seven hours and couldn’t get it to install without errors. During this whole fiasco of installing, un-installing, and then re-installing several times, my whole system got messed up. The sad thing is, I was in an online InDesign class for school and it was finals week and I needed my computer to be working right. Well it didn’t happen, I ended up emailing my professor and explaining my issues with the program etc. She cut me a break and said she’d except my project when I got my comupter straightened out. As a last resort I Googled my problem and after checking into 11-12 sites I came across your site that told me exactly what I needed to do and you even had links to use for the clean-up. My nightmare was over, thanks to you and your helpful website! I bookmarked your site for future use too. I’m so happy I could kiss you! Plus I got an “A” on my project and for the whole class too.
    For a software package worth over $2,000 I wouldn’t have given one red cent for the CS4 version!! I would have gladly stayed with CS3, but my class said we needed CS4.

    Anyway, you are the best!!! Thanks so much, I really appreciate your help!!

    • Johnson Koh says:

      I am happy that the steps helped you 😀 Have a good day my friend.

    • CrossRoads Photography says:

      Me too me too…if it were not for stumbling on your site Johnson, I would still be cursing and F…those damned Adobe people. Too expensive not to work right away.

      As it is I still have a few of the support programs which for some reason were unable to install but at least I have the important ones going.

    • Johnson Koh says:

      I am glad these steps are able to help you out. I still misses CS3 as the current CS4 seems to be performing a little slower than before, especially when using Actions.

  13. neets says:

    At least it’s not just me!
    I have never even had CS3 on my system but the only way I could get the CS4 install to work was by running the CS3 cleanscript…weird.
    Thank you sooo much I can finally get back to work after 2 days pulling my hair out 🙂

  14. grafiwerx says:

    Error 1603. Fatal error during installation

    Here’s what I did. First, I uninstalled the programs (ofcourse we’re talking Adobe here) then I downloaded the scripts which were Adobe Clean Script CS3 and Adobe Clean Script CS4 (links found above). Run FIRST the Adobe Clean Script CS4 then the Adobe Clean Scripit CS3 (this requires Microsoft Windows Installer Clean Up installed first) Then a successful cleanup should be prompted when running the Adobe Clean Script CS3 Level 1 and Level 2. After this…. I was able to install ADOBE CS 4 Master Collection Flawlessly. Thanks Johnson for the helpful TIP!

  15. grafiwerx says:

    At first, I was able to install Adobe Photoshop CS4 (alone – not the mastercollection) successfully! then when I needed to install Adobe Flash CS4 and Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, I had this installation error. So, I decided to uninstall my photoshop and go back to CS3. I was shocked that I had the same error in installing back my CS3. I tried Downloading a trial version of Flash CS4 from Adobe’s site and I was able to download and extract. But the bang goes again.. It still gives me the same error. By the way I am using Vista. I am about to download the Clean script and will provide feedback as soon as I get out of this mud. tnx and hope it will work for me.

  16. orphicpixel says:

    i cant remember if i had encountered this problem, cause i also installed CS4 after uninstalling CS3

  17. Mike Meisner says:

    I always have some random error or problem arise when I install a new version of the CS. On XP I had both cs3 and cs4 installed, and some programs just wouldn’t work. Adobe Reader has always been a nightmare.

    Perhaps this is what I need to try.

    To the guy who had to set his date back, I have a suggestion. Search for “runasdate” and you can use that simple utility to set the date for certain apps. That way your system clock/date stay correct. That’s helpful when using Outlook; also I ran into date certificate problems on websites when I set my date back like that.

  18. Johnson Koh says:

    I’m glad it works for you as well 🙂

  19. sriganesh says:

    thanks for tips. i have the same problem. i got really sick, and dont know how to do that. n ow its cs4 running without any problem

  20. Johnson Koh says:

    @Garry: Yup. My colleague just told me that he encountered exactly the same problem as you…

  21. Garry says:

    @ Bekey, the thing is, my cs4 doesn’t appear in the list. only cs3 is on the list. the list doesn’t allow me to add cs4 into it.

    @ Johnson, my cs4 is working even faster than my cs3. I do not know why.

  22. Johnson Koh says:

    @Tadd: No problem pal! 🙂
    @John Holt: Oh my… that’s pretty troublesome…
    @Bekey: Thanks for helping out!

    After a few days experiencing the new CS4, it’s sad to say that I’m quite disappointed actually. My favorite “Extract” filter is gone. I read from forum that it can be added back manually by copying the file from CS3 over, but I can’t do so since I clean off everything for a smooth installation earlier.

    Also, for those who is using CS4 now, do you guys feel that it is performing slower?

  23. Bekey says:

    @Garry, jsut right click on the psd files and go to properties… then click
    opens with: and press change and select CS4 and press ok… now they will automaticly open with cs 4 😀

  24. Garry says:

    my rig has both cs3 and 4.
    apparently i cannot set “always use this program” from cs3 to cs4.
    so i have to always open up my cs4 and open up the image. or it would automatically open up in cs3.

  25. John Holt says:

    I got both CS3 &4 installed on mine with one minor glitch. I have to have my clock set to 2008 to run CS4. It’s a headache but I’m not going through the uninstall & install again. especially on my mac.

  26. Tadd says:

    Well, it’s a good thing that my Windows install was fresh and I didn’t try and install CS4 over my CS3 … as I planned on doing. This would have been a headache! I’ll have to bookmark this so that I can tell friends who are hoping to upgrade in the nearish future!

    Thanks Johnson!

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