Sudden Drop of Subscribers in FeedBurner

This article is not really related to designing or any of that sort. But I believe many of the readers here are also bloggers as well, so wish to share some information I found regarding FeedBurner.
I have temporary removed my FeedBurner chicklet at the sidebar yesterday because of a sudden drop in the number of subscribers. I will think the drop is reasonable if it is gradual over a period of time but instead, it was nearly 50%, within a day. Actually this was the third time such incident happening on 10Steps.SG and the exact figure will bounce back a few days after. Also, I realised some other blogs are experiencing the same problem as I do. But there is not much avenues for us to voice this to the FeedBurner team ( or Google? I am not sure now ). Both FeedBurner blog and forum are inactive in year 2008.
I Love FeedBurner Services Still
Their statistics allow me to review my own works and articles. And the removal of chicklet is just to prevent myself from being obsessed with an inaccurate stats temporary. Here are some possible explanations for the sudden drop I gathered from other bloggers in year 2009.
Failure of Web RSS Reader
One of those big web RSS readers such as Google Reader, Bloglines or Netvibes suddenly stopped reporting the number of subscribers to FeedBurner. High chance the problem is from Google as their blog has explained on a similar issue back in Nov 2007.
Problem caused by the integration of AdSense in Feeds
This is quoted from Jason Shellen, CEO and founder of Plinky and former Google / Blogger guy.

[…] what “happened behind the scenes is that the sales team can sells ads [in FeedBurner feeds] if it wants to, but with so many other products, managing feeds is fairly low on the list.” So supporting FeedBurner isn’t getting the sort of resources — engineers, servers, etc. — that it needs because its not making enough money. It’s hard to think of what the other reasons might be; the original FeedBurner team is comprised of talented entrepreneurs who, on their own, built a product that was becoming ubiquitous on the web before Google came along. But after all, ads in feeds don’t make much money […]

Due to these problems, Google-FeedBurner will be facing a new challenger that had just launched 2 days ago, FeedBlitz. For more information, click here.

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  1. Johnson Koh says:

    Hello pals,

    It will be better if there is some sort of announcement made beforehand to us so can ease the entire community. I like the Big “G” and FB individually. Not when they are combined.

    @Brian: Thanks for sharing. Will check out the feedphoenix now.

    @Rohin: Sounds good! Will be a cool and permanent alternative but may have to release all the current subscribers in that case… can be quite painful.

    Anyways, wish you guys have a great weekend!

  2. Eric Shafer says:

    Same problem for me, this is driving me up a wall. 😛

  3. rohin says:

    I hate feedburner and have removed the sticker from my site as a result of flakey numbers. I knew my numbers were always around 500-600
    but it always dipped every other day. Plus I read that service from the Big “G” hasn’t been that great either.

    Hopefully there will be an alterative , I will also post a tutorial on how to setup your own fancy RSS. Everyone shouldn’t have to depend on outsourcin their RSS to a 3rd party service.

  4. Brian says:

    I have the same problem. This issue has also driven me to start using Think about this, what if you ever want to leave feedburner for something better in the future? How many subscribers would you loose? For real this time. Not just a temporary stats poblem. You would loose many. I only know of 2 choices. A.) Host your feed under your own domain using MyBrand feature, or B.) use feedphoenix. Maybe there are other options that commeters can share?

  5. I am having the same problem. Also a drop of over 50% within a day and it also happened to me before. It’s really starting to bug me.

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