Ways to Handle Design Criticism

Guess most designers like myself experience criticism on their works from time to time, especially if we are trying out something new. Also, the clients that we present our works to are usually non-artistic people. It’s harder for them to think the way we do. So it’s better to be prepared for criticism; otherwise you may act in a manner that you probably will regret later. Below are some suggestions for dealing with design criticism.

Try to Keep Calm and Don’t Appear Annoyed
It’s difficult to take a step back after working hard on a project and designers usually tend to be more emotional with their work. Do not think clients will hold back their negative comments after seeing your angry face. Instead, they will see you as someone who can’t handle criticism. As long as the other party is not insulting you, try to take a calm and interested approach.

Understand the Clients’ Criticism
The most frequent criticism I got is “I don’t really like the design. It’s lack of something, but I can’t tell what it is exactly”. I felt heat all over me when I heard this the first time… But after some time, I realise it is better to help the clients formulate their thoughts. Outline their criticisms by asking them accurate questions so you can address them individually later.

Explain Yourself if You Can. Move on if You Can’t
If you are confident on convincing the clients, go ahead and explain the reasoning behind your design. Some clients will change their mind and agree with you if your explainations are clear and good. Otherwise try to move on and you’ll still look professional with the ability to take in criticisms.

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    Awesome post!
    No Doubt.. It’s really difficult for a artist to deal with criticism 🙂

  7. Ravikumar V. says:

    can you make it even a bigger article. its one of useful thought.

  8. Hey Johnsosn…thanks for all these these tips but trust me the first one is the most difficult thing to do:( If I am annoyed, it would clearly show. I just can’t hide and pose but I will try to keep a control over this habit of mine.

  9. Generally I do not post on blogs, – but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

  10. ashwin says:

    very good advice

  11. jeprie says:

    Yeah. Relly nice, i’ve had it many times. Well, no one’s perfect.

  12. Thanks john! I like your website. The tutorials are pretty good. Graphic design its also something that comes all along with web designing so i want to learn it well. Your website its already in my bookmark list.
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  15. Rohin says:

    I cry myself to sleep after a nice hard – pride bashing via forums , lmfao

  16. i0_ says:

    this is really good for everyone who have to fight with none artistic clients!!!

  17. First steps Designer says:

    really helpfull, im starting to study Graphic Design and wow one time they said “that work looks like a 5 year old kid did it”!! this will really help me lol!

  18. Drummerfirst says:

    This post is terrible lol j/k Thanks for the advice

  19. atchucan says:

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