Web Designing Tips for Successful Businesses

in Design by Aaron on 14-10-2010 | (10) Comments

If you want your business to be successful, it is imperative that you have a well-designed website. Today’s consumers are used to being able to search online and find the information that they need right away.


20 Most Beautiful and Effective Facebook Pages

in Design by Aaron on 27-08-2010 | (14) Comments

I felt it’s necessary to recognize that Facebook gain a key role in Internet activity. Today its influence on the Internet is huge and simply stunning. You can just imagine how BIG it is outdoing Google on Alexa.


The Anatomy of an Alphabet Letter

in Design by Aaron on 22-05-2010 | (7) Comments

What makes a great design? As designers, we believe that we have some answers through analyses and comparisons, but no one can actually determine why a user prefer a website design over the others.


Get Smart with the Photoshop Smart Objects

in Design, Photoshop by Aaron on 21-04-2010 | (17) Comments

In my opinion, Smart Object is one of the most useful feature in Photoshop. It allow us to save a lot of time in designing website and graphic user interfaces, where there are plenty of repetitive elements.


Choosing the Right Fonts to Form Great Combinations

in Design by Aaron on 25-03-2010 | (16) Comments

There are times where designers need to pick and use several fonts that complement with each other. This is one of the most challenging task since there are no rules or font combinations chart to follow.


Ways to Make your Banners More Click-able

in Articles, Design by Aaron on 19-02-2010 | (11) Comments

The main purpose for creating online banners is to increase the viewership of your website. There are some points that we can consider when making our banners so they will look “click-able”.


Changing Design Trends for Site Maps

in Articles, Design by Aaron on 22-12-2009 | (18) Comments

We are aware of trends that keep changing. For fashion, what is haute today is not so haute in a next few days. Advertising concepts also keeps changing and same to web design as well!


Optimize Photoshop for Better Performance

in Articles, Design by Aaron on 09-07-2009 | (11) Comments

Encounter a case where you wish to design a huge poster and your Photoshop keeps crashing? I have been experiencing this so decided to do up a list of methods to optimize Photoshop on our computer.


Problems with Installing Adobe CS4

in Articles, Design by Aaron on 12-05-2009 | (34) Comments

Do you encounter problems transiting from Adobe CS3 to the CS4 Master Collection? Things does not happen very smooth for me and here are the processes that I took to get it running on my computer.


Sudden Drop of Subscribers in FeedBurner

in Articles, Design by Aaron on 03-04-2009 | (6) Comments

This article is not really related to designing or any of that sort. But I believe many of the readers here are also bloggers as well, so wish to share some information I found regarding FeedBurner (or rather Google-FeedBurner).

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