Virtual business card – IdentyMe review

in Inventions by Aaron on 13-03-2012 | (1) Comment

Check out this new virtual business card service called identyme. It is a great calling card for designers who want to make a good first impression.


Brilliant Invention – Flexi CSS Layouts

in Inventions by Aaron on 12-09-2010 | (7) Comments

I am happy to get a chance to try out the Flexi CSS Layouts from ExtendStudio. In short, Flexi CSS Layouts is a Dreamweaver plugin that allows you to create CSS layouts without writing a single code from yourself.


Cool Curtis Typeface Built with Pure CSS

in Inventions by Aaron on 17-03-2010 | (8) Comments

The thing so special about Curtis font is that all the letters take their forms in CSS. Every shape is rendered by the browser, using a combination of background color, border width, radius and positioning.


Brilliant Invention – FlashMoto CMS

in Inventions by Aaron on 04-12-2009 | (15) Comments

FlashMoto CMS is a revolutionary content management system aimed at Flash developers and designed to simplify the publication of Web content to Flash websites.


Qbrushes and Qvectors Got Redesigned

in Inventions by Aaron on 08-11-2009 | (2) Comments

We are familiar with Qbrushes for its collection of Photoshop brushes. It has just redesigned itself to provide the design community with a lot more freebies and functions.


Have You Seen a Human Billboard Before?

in Inventions by Aaron on 15-10-2009 | (11) Comments

Earlier on I made a post about 50 Extraordinary and Attractive Billboards. Just when I thought that list has all the best billboards around, there is one last that I wish to share with you.


Brilliant Invention – Augmented Reality

in Inventions by Aaron on 13-04-2009 | (5) Comments

Before I start to explain anything about Augmented Reality, do watch the introduction video first. Also, there is an interesting japanese game, named Cyber Maid Alice, that was developed based on these theories.


New Browsing Experience with Cooliris

in Inventions by Aaron on 01-04-2009 | (16) Comments

I think it has been noticed that there is a flash screen added at the bottom of the page. You can find all the 10Steps.SG tutorials laid out neatly in one glance. It is made from an amazing program called Cooliris.


Brilliant Invention – ILoveSketch

in Inventions by Aaron on 14-10-2008 | (9) Comments

I came across an amazing invention created by Seok-Hyung Bae, Ravin Balakrishnan and Karan Singh. It is a 3D curve sketching system that allows designers to iterate directly on concept 3D curve models.

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