40 High Quality Dual Screen Wallpapers

in Stocks by Aaron on 23-08-2009 | (27) Comments

I am not a dual screens user but I suppose they are useful for video editors and animators where many panels are opened. Here are beautiful high quality wallpapers made for them.


Everything About Textures Part 2

in Stocks by Aaron on 11-07-2009 | (4) Comments

This is part 2 of the “Everything About Textures” series. I have categorized them according to Fabric, Metal and Paper this time round. Hope you guys will find them useful for your works.


Everything About Textures Part 1

in Stocks by Aaron on 01-07-2009 | (24) Comments

After sharing my textures in the earlier post, I think it is a good idea to compile a list of beautiful textures created by other professionals. I have categorized them according to Grunge, Vintage and Wood.


15 Textures and 8 Best Texture Sites

in Stocks by Aaron on 26-06-2009 | (21) Comments

I photograph textures sometimes when I am out with my camera. Here are 15 of them which includes wood, concrete, grass and fruits. Hope they will be useful for your creations.


40 Highly Detailed Lineart for Coloring

in Stocks by Aaron on 12-03-2009 | (15) Comments

To those who wish to try out coloring but cannot really do up a good piece of lineart before that, here is a list of highly detailed outlines that will provide you with great motivation to start the ball rolling.


22 Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

in Stocks by Aaron on 12-02-2009 | (6) Comments

Just 2 more days and it will be the romantic Valentine’s Day for all couples. Have you plan activities to do on that special night? In the meantime, here are 22 wallpapers with the Valentine’s Day theme to decorate your desktop.


22 Concert Lights Stock Images

in Stocks by Aaron on 22-12-2008 | (7) Comments

Just went to Andy Lau’s concert 2 weeks ago at Singapore Indoor Stadium. I love the lightings in the concert and decide to share what I took with you guys. Hope everyone will find them useful.


40 Sets of 3D Render Packs

in Stocks by Aaron on 05-11-2008 | (22) Comments

Among all the downloads I’ve made and compiled, this is the one that I love most. Many 3D artists are willing to share their high quality render packs with us. I am amazed simply by looking at those abstract details and gloss surfaces.

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