40 Artistic Examples of Origami Animals

in Artworks by Aaron on 29-08-2010 | (7) Comments

Origami is the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding, which started in the 17th century AD and was popularized in the mid-1900s. It has since then evolved into a modern art form.


33 Creative Examples of Smart Car Advertisements

in Artworks by Aaron on 25-07-2010 | (9) Comments

Smart car is the ultimate city vehicle with its urban versatility. We can see many creative advertisment of Smart car around the world, promoting about its size and good fuel efficiency.


22 Awesome Korean Game Website Designs

in Artworks by Aaron on 23-07-2010 | (9) Comments

We seldom see collections of game websites in CSS-showcases or other website directories such as the FWA. This article shall compile some beautiful examples of Korean game site designs.


40 Effective and Inspiring Ads from WWF

in Artworks by Aaron on 04-07-2010 | (31) Comments

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) was started to conserve the world’s biological diversity. WWF is also well-known for its creative advertising where each advertisement is strong and effective.


40 Minimalistic and Cute Movie Posters

in Artworks by Aaron on 26-06-2010 | (20) Comments

Pedro Vidotto has taken some classic and iconic movies and transformed their promotional posters into minimalistic works of art. Movies like Fight Club and Toy Story all get an amazing minimalist treatment.


50 Creative Ads of Grooming and Beauty Products

in Artworks by Aaron on 13-06-2010 | (20) Comments

Through advertising the beauty of the mirror, we can see the brand image, watching with infinite creativity! Today, we have a collection of grooming product advertisements for inspirations.


60 Plain Movie Posters with White Background

in Artworks by Aaron on 25-05-2010 | (15) Comments

In recent years, movie posters with a white background becomes a trend. Many pointed such posters as boring but there are also some feels they capture more attentions by focusing on just the actors.


40 Surreal Photos of a Sweet and Funny Couple

in Artworks by Aaron on 19-05-2010 | (15) Comments

What can be more fun than when you have a partner that shares same interests as yourself? Sarah and Thad is a pair of couple where they use their skills to create surreal artworks to document their everyday lives.


30 Charming Websites of Restaurants and Wine Bars

in Artworks by Aaron on 04-05-2010 | (11) Comments

The website of a restaurant or wine bar plays an important role in its marketing mix. It is used as a promotional tool especially when people hardly visit places directly and rely more on the online info provided.


40 Painful and Pain-Free Tattoo Designs

in Artworks by Aaron on 02-05-2010 | (12) Comments

We will be admiring body tattoos in this article where some take art to the extreme by enduring pain and ink their favorite artworks permanently onto own bodies. Tattoo designs can be from a small symbol to a large picture.

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