50 Inspirational Photos Taken with the iPhone

in Photography by Aaron on 09-06-2010 | (15) Comments

iPhone is definitely not one of the best camera phones that you can take good quality pictures with. However its easy-to-use photo uploading and sharing functions have made many feeling comfortable using it.


35 Cute Photos from Little People Project

in Photography by Aaron on 15-05-2010 | (24) Comments

We are going to check out the “Little People Project” created by Slinkachu. It involves remodeling and painting of miniature model train set characters. Those tiny models are placed on the streets to form various scenarios.


12 Photographs Mixed with Pencil Drawings

in Photography by Aaron on 08-05-2010 | (15) Comments

Remember the 50 Photographs Mixed with Illustrations from Dmitry Maksimov? Let’s check out another Pencil vs Camera” series founded by Ben Heine after many years of graphic exploration.


50 Inspirational Gravity Defying Advertisements

in Artworks, Photography by Aaron on 26-04-2010 | (20) Comments

The beauty of Photoshop is that everything is possible with your imagination. For example, what goes up does not really need to come down at all! There is a group of creative works evolving around the concept of defying gravity.


Project 365 from 15 Respected Creative People

in Artworks, Photography by Aaron on 24-04-2010 | (20) Comments

We love to produce beautiful designs, and the more we practise the better our skills become. There is a group of people that actively create something new everyday and such challenge is known as Project 365.


50 Cool Tilt-Shift Photography Effect

in Photography, Videos by Aaron on 04-04-2010 | (22) Comments

Tilt-shift photography is performed with the use of camera movements to simulation a miniature scene. Such an effect can be achieved by having a set of tilt-shift lens or digital post processing with Photoshop.


50 Amazing Shots Taken in the Most Dry Regions

in Photography by Aaron on 30-03-2010 | (16) Comments

Big part of Earth’s land surface is desert. We are able to take beautiful photographs in urban cities that have plenty of subjects to display creativity. How about when we are in the regions of sand?


60 Best Photographs of Jumpology

in Photography by Aaron on 28-03-2010 | (16) Comments

Jumpology is a form of photography taken when the person is jumping. When you ask a person to jump, his attention is mostly directed towards the act of jumping and the mask falls so that the real person appears.


40 Lovely Hearts for your Valentine’s Day

in Photography by Aaron on 14-02-2010 | (7) Comments

February is a hearts month where they can always be found around us, in various forms and places. They hold memories from our lives which we gave our favorite valentine to our love one.


40 Romantic Photographs Shot in the Rain

in Photography by Aaron on 24-01-2010 | (128) Comments

After preparing the items for an outdoor shoot but a rain came. Most photographers will feel uncomfortable and stay home. Pictures taken in the rain can also look soft and romantic.

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