Make custom emoticon for msn messenger.

in Flash by Aaron on 06-11-2011 | (12) Comments

In this tutorial I am going to show you the process I use to create a kiss emoticon for msn using a character called Qoobee Agapi. You also need to have basic knowledge of adobe flash in order to follow through this tutorial. Consider this a flash tutorial for beginners.


How to do animated Gif in photoshop – Captain America example

in Flash, Photoshop by Aaron on 05-09-2011 | (1) Comment

In this flash tutorial for beginners, we will take a look at how to make a animated gif with one of my favorite marrvel comic characters, Captain America. You can of course repeat this tutorial with any of your favourite comic characters from popular series such as Bleach, Naruto etc.


How to make a tiled background with Flash

in Flash by Aaron on 01-08-2011 | (6) Comments

Here is a flash tutorial for beginners that teaches you on how to make a seamless background using Flash. It is useful for making images or for websites. Have fun learning how to create a titled background. Create a new document by clicking <File-New>, and click <Modify-Document> to set the canvas size to 500X500. You [...]


Simple Image Gallery for the Flash Beginners

in Flash by Aaron on 07-05-2010 | (20) Comments

It is hard to find basic Flash tutorials for only a banner rotator or a flash gallery. So here is a little piece of help for the beginners in Flash, a simple tutorial on creating a photo gallery with minimal ActionScript.

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