3 Powerful PixelNovel Timeline Giveaway Contest

We are happy to announce that PixelNovel is sponsoring us another round of great contest this week! Total there will be 3 winners selected and each of them shall receive a set of PixelNovel Timeline.

What is PixelNovel Timeline?

It is a Photoshop plugin that allows you do version controls to working files. If you do not understand what is the use to have version controlling abilities and think having your "History" panel is already enough, please kindly read on as this product may change your view.

PixelNovel Timeline works with any Subversion (SVN). Designers in some companies that already has a SVN repository will be able to join in with their Photoshop working files. This will prevent you saving locally multiple .PSD files with similar filenames like "final2010.psd", "finalfinal2010.psd" and etc till yourself is unsure on which is the latest version unless you load it up to see.

If you do not have a SVN repository, simply sign up for a PixelNovel account and you can still share the versions with your clients and team mates. However, please note that having this form of setup, you can only work within the PixelNovel network.

PixelNovel Timeline allows you to submit your versions with a single click and have a timeline that displays all the versions you have saved in an overall view. It is so easy to use that no learning curve required.

About our Sponsor

PixelNovel is a software company specialising in innovative tools for Adobe Photoshop users. Their aim is to bring simplicity and elegance to the day-to-day work for all graphic professionals at a reasonable price. Based in London, UK, PixelNovel employs an efficient team of IT experts having real-life Photoshop experience. To learn more, please visit their official site.

How to Participate?

Step 1: Simply leave a comment below with valid email address for us to contact you. Winners will be chosen based on the comment number tagged with it.

Step 2 (optional): Follow @pixelnovel , @10steps on Twitter to stay informed about this contest and retweet this article to your friends.

When will the Contest End?

The contest shall end on 20th April 2010. The comment numbers of our 3 winners will be selected using the random generator from Random.Org on that day. Good luck everyone!

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49 Comments | Write a Comment

  1. Johnson Koh says:

    This contest has closed. Thanks everyone for the participation!

    Click on the link below to check out the results!

  2. Marcos says:

    Our PMO group is currently evaluating tools for our several hundred designers.

  3. Alex says:

    Just tried this out with our Beanstalk account and it rocks!

  4. tyggy says:

    Pick me please )

  5. Craig says:

    Excellent! I will love to win this!

  6. i never won anything in my life

  7. Adem Can says:

    i must test it

  8. Dara says:

    Interesting software. 🙂

  9. Eric H says:

    County me in

  10. Ba Tri says:

    Awesome news! Will try Pixel Timeline out.

  11. Michael says:

    hey im in

  12. adone says:

    Wow! Thanks for this giveaway 10steps. I’m follow @pixelnovel and @10steps. I’m RT this post. http://twitter.com/warstwydotcom/status/11884455589

  13. Tim Gardner says:

    I have used the demo and it works really well but I currently can’t afford the expenditure. Winning it would be great though!

  14. hoodog says:

    Great contest and giveaway! help solve replication and space.. awesome stuff!

  15. Rangeress says:

    Awesome software!

  16. Catherine M says:

    Just starting to learn PS and see great value in a timeline product. Wishing everyone good luck!

  17. Neal says:

    This would go a LONG way toward helping me tidy up my hard drive.

  18. I need this stuff!

  19. Orestes says:

    I like the idea!

  20. Mark Stone says:

    sounds good to me

  21. Stridar says:

    Ohh yeah 😀

  22. shaw says:

    Count me in!!

  23. Serg says:

    I have got used to hope only for myself! But to try it is possible. 🙂

  24. Steve Robillard says:

    I was just looking into this since we already have the source code and db under version control this would close the loop and let me sleep better at night.

  25. hi, awesome giveaway. Please do count me in. I have followed both @pixelnovel and @10steps. I have twitted about this giveaway on twitter @ http://twitter.com/annanta/status/11808851370

    Thanks and best of luck to all 🙂

  26. akshay says:

    Great Software

  27. anthy says:

    I’d love to win this! Thank you for the giveaway.
    anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

  28. mleonv says:

    This website is great!

  29. Sandra Bax says:

    Wonderfull! 😀

  30. Alfredo Arriaza says:

    Awesome thanks

  31. MariusRugan says:

    svn co timeline

  32. kelly says:

    I’m in. Nice contest.

  33. Sung-Ho says:

    pick me!!!plz
    just what i need!

  34. jenny says:

    I like to participate in the giveaway. Hope I win.

  35. hello everyone …

  36. Liz says:

    That sounds like a useful piece of software.

  37. myGlob says:

    Comment added 😉
    Have a nice day!

  38. rudolff says:

    I want to win

  39. John Holt says:

    Count me in!

  40. CLaudette says:

    Awesome find! Looks like one of those products I gotta have! lol

  41. Sébastien says:

    already using it and it’s hot! Just want to test with my entire team

  42. rss_ems says:

    hey ((: i’m in!

  43. Dennis says:

    Pick me!

  44. Senkin says:

    Сожалею, что не могу сейчас поучаствовать в обсуждении. Не владею нужной информацией. Но эта тема меня очень интересует.

  45. Osmar says:

    Quero participar! já estou seguindo!


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