Win 3 Creative DW Image Show PRO

Do you find it difficult or troublesome to create multimedia presentations where it involve several programs like Dreamweaver, After Effects and Flash? Now there is an easy solution where you can create everything by using the new Creative DW Image Show PRO from ExtendStudio. The sample shown above are simply done within 15mins!

I’m excited to announce that ExtendStudio is sponsoring 10Steps.SG with a contest where the prizes are 3 free licenses for Creative DW Image Show PRO that worth a total of more than USD$330!

How to Join the Contest?

All you need to do is to leave a comment here that can be anything related to Creative DW Image Show PRO.


What is Creative DW Image Show PRO?

Creative DW Image Show PRO is a Dreamweaver extension which enables the user to create remarkable multimedia presentations (slideshows, banners, portfolio shows, product shows …). It combines the features of the popular Creative DW Image Show with the ability to add professional text effects on your slides (similar to After Effects).

Check the Creative DW Image Show PRO Demos page to get a glimpse of what the product can do.


Extend Studio creates Dreamweaver Extension and Flash Components. For the complete product list visit the Extend Studio website.

Other Contest Information

This contest will be active for around 2 weeks, closing date will be on 7th Apr 2009. Winners will be chose randomly by For e.g. if the 3 numbers, 10, 24 and 67 are generated from the Random Generator, our winners shall be the 10th, 24th and 67th commenters from the top.

I hope everyone will enjoy this contest and to get the latest updates on 10Steps.SG, follow me on TWITTER or Subscribe to our RSS now!

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24 Comments | Write a Comment

  1. WLK says:

    hmm sounds good, should be very hopefully.
    best regards.

  2. dGjess says:

    is this still open??tnx

  3. Johnson Koh says:

    Thanks for all the participation guys! Greatly appreciated!
    I will post up the 3 lucky winners for this contest soon.

  4. Elena says:

    This will be a great tool to use for presentations. Awesome contest.

  5. Aj Blosser says:

    I had never heard of this software before, but it looks awesome!

  6. Sumit says:

    I hate the Javascript solution for a slideshow, thus I need a flash based gallery.

  7. Paul B. says:

    Works really great! If I won’t win, I’ll buy it…

  8. Elaine says:

    Very useful tool in this generation of softwares. this will help save time for designers, or help beautify presentations for executives. It can also save my job…i want it!

  9. Sneh says:

    Wow! Thnx for offering this awesome prize! This could really put some zing in my designs 🙂

  10. MonsterTruck08 says:

    Great contest great software. I want it!

  11. It’s a Really Cool Software…! i’m wait for this tool…! Thanks…

  12. Clint says:

    Can you imagine the creative genius that could be supported by such a product? Creative DW Image Show PRO is the brush to Van Gogh, the microphone to Bocelli, the pen to Blake. Presentations won’t even know what hit them, but they’ll like it.

  13. Mare says:

    I’m asking Santa Claus for this—really early … I’ve been a really good girl (so far) this year … my Christmas list has already been sent to the North Pole!

  14. Criss says:

    Great tool, i can create banners & sideshows so faaaast. :d …Pick me, Pick me, Pick me.

  15. Charles M. Withrow says:

    Creative DW Image Show PRO rocks. This is so easy to use. Outstanding!

  16. Scott says:

    Oh, I’m in need of this. . . can we just pick winners now, it would increase my odds 🙂

  17. Austin says:

    Man, I so want this! It would totally rock!

  18. RaSh says:

    Woha! Amazing addon to Dreamweaver! I could never get things right in After effects anyway! 😀

  19. John Holt says:

    This looks great and I really need it! It will make transitioning my new website so much easier.

  20. Bekey says:

    Im really excited about that, maybe this programe will take me to a higher level. Making my Graphic experience raising quickly and creating my future work 😀

  21. Wendy says:

    This will make a nice, fresh, crisp presentations…i hope Creative DW soon will be mine ;o)

  22. Kevin says:

    It’s neat that it integrates right into Dreamweaver. That would be useful!

  23. Craig says:

    Excellent sample you made there. I will love to do the same!

  24. sadhu says:

    i think this is truly cool @.@””” it does save our time!!!!!

    oh god.. pls give it to me >”<

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