40 Sets of Floral & Trees Brushes

There are many different types of Photoshop Brushes that can be found online, such as grunge, graffiti, glow and many others. The list I’ve compiled below mainly focus on leaves, flowers, plants and trees.

I tried to link most of the brushes back to the creators’ personal site. So we can see other amazing works from them. Click on the thumbnails below to view them. For those that I missed out, please write a note here and I’ll update it accordingly.

While doing the list, I also added in my own creation; Jap-Style Floral. Hope you all will like it.

Click here to download
  JapStyle Floral by 10Steps   Floral by June Young   Floral by Summerair   Floral by Elfe-Noire43  
  Vintage Floral by Streetcar Circus   Leaves and Foliage by Redheadstock   Leaves by Redheadstock   St Patricks Day by Obsidian Dawn  
  Foliage Plants by Osidian Dawn   Flowery Scribble by Punksafetypin   Complete Trees by Horhew   Floral by Solenero73  
  Suddenly Spring by Gvalkyrie   Branches and Foliage by Ladyvictoire   Swirls and Seeds by Mel Brushes   Vector Style Stalk by Mel Brushes  
  Flowers by Hawkmont   Pine by Hawkmont   Leaves by Hawkmont   Floral by Butnotquite  
  Photoshop Plant by Graphics Illustrations   Flowers and Petals by Diego Botello   Hi-Res Trees by Miguel Puig   Hi-Res Leaves by Bittbox  
  Floral Brush II by Hawkmont   Floral Swirl by R Turner   Nature by Confused Stock   Floral by Ca Pris  
  Plants by Jennifer   Grass by Jennifer   Dead Trees by Rubel Creative   Ferns by Stephanie  
  Floral Ornament II by Lileya   Hi-Res Floral by Bittbox   Floral by In-Vogue   Fantasy Floral 3 by Graphic Identity  
  Fantasy Floral 4 by Graphic Identity   Fantasy Floral 5 by Graphic Identity   Fantasy Floral by Graphic Identity   Floral Pop Blossom by Karolinaborkowski  

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  1. BHARANI says:

    this is very useful for desgner

  2. asif says:

    very nice good job……….

  3. modi says:

    u r Greattttt,thnx alot

  4. ayu says:

    Hi Johnson,

    all brushes above all good and very interesting .. thank you for providing this information .. great job

    I really like it ..

    nice web..

  5. ayu says:

    all brushers above all good and very interesting .. thank you for providing this information ..
    great job..

    nice web..

  6. Johnson Koh says:

    Hi Kendra, thanks for informing. Possible to point out which of them doesn’t allow download anymore?

  7. Kendra says:

    How do I download these, brushes?
    because some don’t have a download button 🙁

  8. mats says:

    thanx very much

  9. sprite says:

    I get an error “File not found” for Elfe-noire43″s floral
    brushes (4th on the top row).

  10. parat says:

    U r do great help to evryone who want to make best creation.Thanks is little word for U.Regards !……….

  11. Johnson says:

    No problem at all, Varunsivaraj 😉

  12. Varunsivaraj says:

    Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks

  13. FREDdvs says:

    THX, these are great

  14. Antonio says:

    como puedo descargar estos pinceles me puedes ayudar xfavor

  15. Johnson says:

    You can first download the ABR file to your desktop by using Save Target As (or normally it will prompt for saving automatically if its a ZIP file), then move it into the Adobe > Adobe Photoshop CS3 > Presets > Brushes folder.

    Then you can proceed to Load Brushes using the diagram above.

  16. olivia says:

    i still cant. i dont know why either.
    is it when you download you click save target as then into the brushes file?

  17. Johnson says:

    I see. You will need to select the Brush tool then as seen on the diagram below, click on 1 then follow by 2. Choose Load Brushes to add the files you downloaded 🙂

  18. olivia says:

    hello johnson, thansk for teaching me but i would like to ask how do i use it? i save it but i dont know where to find the brushes

  19. Johnson says:

    Hi Olivia, To use the photoshop brushes, you need to place the files at Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Brushes folder.

  20. OLIVIA says:

    heyy please mail me the steps where can i save this folder in order that i can use and how to download?

  21. Nadia says:

    Its so beutiful.. Thanks.. 🙂

  22. Showalter says:

    Beautiful. Thank you. Can’t wait to incorporate these into some scrapblogs!

  23. burger says:


  24. Karolina says:

    Thanks for featuring my brushes. . .

  25. Dnyanesh says:


    It is really a good thing which i have seen here.

    thanks & Regards


  26. Johnson says:

    Hi Dan gee, not sure if am right but I remembered reading somewhere that those Hi-Res ones like 2000px doesn’t work for version 6.

  27. Dan gee says:

    Will these brushes work on photoshop six???

  28. Mike says:

    Great set! I especially like the sets from melsbrushes.co.uk – always good offerings

  29. Johnson says:

    Thanks for your appreciation too 😉

  30. Medarisa says:

    Outstanding! Thanks so much!

  31. monsterTruck says:

    this is…. WOAH!

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