40 Sets of Doodle Photoshop Brushes

I am on a Child Care Centre project recently and hence was searching for some doodle brushes for Photoshop. Surprisingly the list is not as little as I thought to be and there are actually plenty of good ones that I want to do up a nice list to share with everyone here.

I tried to link most of the downloads back to the creators’ personal site. So we can see other amazing works from them.

Click on the thumbnails below to view them. For those that I missed out, please write a note here and I’ll update it accordingly.

Doodle Brush by Graphics Illustrations   Doodle by AJK Stock
Doodle Brush 2 by AJK Stock   Gemstone by Circle of Fire
Hate Doodle by Faeth Design   Cool Brushes by XXMortaniXX
Doodle Brush by SolarMouseTrap   Doodles by Arwenita
Random Brushes by Annoymous16   Cute Randomage1 by Mintsex
Cute Randomage 2 by Mintsex   Psychedelic by Mistressmariko
My Manga by Mistressmariko   Cutsie Vector by Circle of Fire
Back to School by Diedead46   Creative Doodles by David Leggett
Innocent Brushes by Circle of Fire   Doodles by Ballad of Pola K
Kawaii Cupcakes by Circle of Fire   Pop Art Brushes by Circle of Fire
Brush Set 45 by PunkSafetyPin   Doodles by Bbatteries
Random by Dweddle   Doodles Part 1 by Hawksmont
Doodles Part 2 by Hawksmont   Happy Heart Attack by Eraweb
Bored in Class by Eraweb   Variety Notepad Style by Axilya
Random Doodle Roses by PartyMarty79   Random Doodle 2 by PartyMarty79
Random Doodle 1 by PartyMarty79   Sketchy Circles by PunkSafetyPin
Arrow Doodle by ChokingOnStatic   Scratched Scribble by ChokingOnStatic
Stencil by ChokingOnStatic   Jot Down Circles by ChokingOnStatic
Square Doodle by ChokingOnStatic   Doodles 3 by ChokingOnStatic
Flower Doodle by ChokingOnStatic   Cloud Doodle by ChokingOnStatic

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  1. Veltis Lisa says:

    Wow this is really a lot to choose from ! thanks a billion 😀

  2. Tahmine says:

    This Was Amazin Collection TaaanX alot.. 🙂

  3. Fantasitc. These are definately must have brushes! Thank you very much!

  4. Thanks this is great!

  5. Great doodles 🙂 They would make some really interesting Twitter backgrounds for our website http://viuu.co.uk .
    I can’t draw at all so this collection is really useful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. UC says:

    This is what i need! Thanks

  7. Bruce says:

    I like!thanx.very much

  8. Kay says:

    super love this collection! THANK YOU!!!:)

  9. ICETEA says:


  10. WANGJIE says:


  11. poy-wang says:


  12. Adam says:


  13. WillYouWithME says:

    nice collection…
    really cute doodles..
    thanks to you and the artist..
    keep up evryone…

  14. Johnson Koh says:

    Hi Santo, clicking on the images or titles will lead you to the download page. Maybe you can explore the other works of the creators too.

  15. Santo says:

    hi, the freebies are download – able?
    how to download them?

  16. Romy says:

    I see two of my brush sets there. Thanks for including them in your selection! ^_^

  17. Johnson Koh says:

    No problem at all solarmousetrap! 😀

  18. solarmousetrap says:

    Dude…those are my brushes up there, thanks for that!

  19. sadhu says:

    wow!!! nice collection again!!!

  20. Thanks so much. Very useful for me
    Keep up !

  21. Excellent work, Something I can add to my library. Thanks.

  22. cool doodle brushes:D. Nice collection Johnson:)

  23. Johnson says:

    Thanks Patternhead once again!

  24. Patternhead says:

    Great collection. Well researched. Thanks

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