Free photoshop brushes for 2013 from

I just noticed a great new site to download lots of free photoshop brushes. The site is called and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for free photoshop brushes. Below are some of the brush sets that I think is very useful to my design work. You can go to the site and look for more brushes that might suit your need.

Free animal photoshop brushes

free animal photoshop brushes

I like to use these set of brushes when I am creating animal furs. There are quite a number of choices that are available in this animal brush set that includes leopard, lion etc.


Free space photoshop brushes

free space photoshop brushes

When working with the space theme, this free set of space photoshop brush set is use to create stars, background, dust etc. There are 39 brushes to choose from this set so it is a really useful set to download.


Free snowflake photoshop brushes

free snowflake photoshop brushes

Creating snowflakes is one of the common task especially during the Christmas season where I need to design lots of relevant banners or web designs. There are 50 snowflake brushes in this set so the choice is really good.


Free floral photoshop brushes

free floral photoshop brushes

This set of floral photoshop brushes are mostly done in grunge style. There are about 12 brushes in this set. Although the style might not be suitable for all, I used them in some of my grunge design, which you can see in my photoshop tutorial on how to create a grunge poster.


Free fire photoshop brushes

free fire photoshop brushes

There are 8 fire photoshop brushes in this set. The fire designs are more abstract in nature and are not realistic. If you are doing something that requires a graphical representation of fire, this will be a very handy set to download.


Free blood photoshop brushes

free blood photoshop brushes

Need to create blood brushes? Then this 10 brushes will be very useful to your work.

The above are just some samples of free photoshop brushes that you can download from It is really a great resource site that has many useful brushes for photoshop work.

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  1. Monjurul Alam says:

    Nice Collection, specially animal brushes tool will very helpful to me

  2. emily says:

    thank you very much

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