Free futuristic fonts from

Here is another new goodie site that every designer should know. has a amazing collection of free fonts that you can download for your design work. Their range of font styles is quite extensive, ranging from calligraphy fonts,  Japanese fonts,  headline fonts to even Gothic fonts and distorted fonts. For this article, I will be showcasing some cool futuristic fonts  that you can download from free from

#1: Abduction

futuristic font 1

Looks like a kind of foreign alien font. Cool for making science friction posters!


#2: Abduction II

futuristic font 2

A different version of the abduction font. This is great for a black background on the screen of an alien ship.


#3: Abductions2012

futuristic font 3

I liked the stripes running through the fonts. Very modern and very futuristic.


#4: Abipti

futuristic font 4

A nice futuristic font with almost robotic like style.


#5 Add Electric City

futuristic font 5

Want some buzz for your fonts (pun intended), try this “add electric city’ font. The curly style makes the fonts feel almost like real electricity running through your screen.


#6 Adventure subtitles

futuristic font 6

Perfect for adding subtitles to your futuristic design work.  The lean design makes this font quite outstanding in appearance.


#7:  Aero

futuristic font 7


I love how the designer styles the top of the font to make them look really unique and futuristic. Has a strong signature and I am sure will look great on your design.


#8 Airlock

futuristic font 8

Blocky fonts that have clean lines. I love the lines that forms the left hand side of the letters. They look really awesome and create a cool effect.


#9 Airstripe one

futuristic font 9

I loved the curly look that this font has. Can imagine this will look good on the side of a spaceship.


#10 Alien League

futuristic font 10


This font looks like the one they used in the Aliens movies. I always loved that font and now I got to use it. Yes!!


#11: An Creon

futuristic font 11

This futuristic font design draws its inspiration from the atom structure. Looks really cool and unique.


#12: Arcade

futuristic font 12

The tile designs makes this font set rather interesting. Perfect for those looking for such a font style to match your tile design.


#13: Architek

futuristic font 13


I don’t know why but this font reminds me of the font used in spiderman movie. I know it is not the same but the sleek lines and the shape of the angles looks so familiar.  I am a big fan of spiderman so I definitely loved this font.

#14: Babylon Industrial

futuristic font 14

Have you seen the space movies like babylon 5? This font looks the one that are used in the movies. If you are always looking for such a font set, this is the perfect time to download this free futuristic font.


#15 Battlestar

futuristic font 15

Very familiar set of fonts that reassembles the galactic battlestar show’s fonts.  The white lines going though the center of each letter is a clear giveaway.

Hope you liked this selection of free futurisitc fonts. If you want to see more cool looking fonts, UrbanFonts is definitely a site you need to see!


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