460 Free High Quality Icons For Web Designers

The beauty of vector graphics is that you can transform them to any sizes without a single loss to the details. Here is a list of high quality vector icons and there are altogether 460 of them. So what are you waiting for?!
Note: There are a total of 3 download links on the redirected page. Download 2 link works better for me.

Taxi Bus and Others – 7 Icons

Computer Stuffs – 12 Icons

Green Stuffs – 16 Icons

Boians Toon – 105 Icons

Hardware – 12 Icons

Business – 9 Icons

3D Logos – 24 Icons

Sales – 12 Icons

Electronics Stuffs – 12 Icons

Random Items – 36 Icons

Statistics – 30 Icons

Petrol Pump – 1 Icon

Green Buttons – 12 Icons

Beach – 9 Icons

Labels – 8 Icons

Mixed Items – 50 Icons

Mixed Items – 21 Icons (My personal favorite!)

Multi-Purposes – 30 Icons

Sweet Pink Stuffs – 10 Icons

Office Equipment – 12 Icons

3D Logos – 18 Icons

Workshop Tools – 14 Icons

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  1. Lee says:

    Thanks,so cool!

  2. computer repair columbus oh says:

    This actually answered the problem, thank you!

  3. It’s great. I’m graphic designer. It’s good for my work. Thankssss

  4. Thank You so much . 🙂

  5. Cool topic, thanks so much.

  6. Taemin says:

    Some of the icons created by korean! (I’m korean neither)
    they has been sold before on the certain website with the maker. For now, I found them here~ Thank you!

  7. mamss says:

    thx for share 😀

  8. chiangkhan says:

    Thanks you a lot !!!

  9. Love the Sale icons 🙂 But they are all great. I can’t get enough of icons. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Apple says:


  11. Nilvana says:

    hi , thank you for all

  12. Vladimir says:

    Thank you so much for such an awesome free collection of icons…

  13. Thank you. It’s very nice icons. I just be finding.

  14. CSSReX says:

    Thanks for this wonderful list. I appreciate that!

  15. jewelrg says:

    This article is very good;
    partial Thanks for sharing,

  16. Boldis Media says:

    Wonderful article with a lot of good icons!

  17. mango says:

    Thank you for posting.

  18. Señor Oz says:

    I don’t understand, you mean that all content in this web is not for commercial use?? These icons can be used it for web to my clients?

  19. Very Useful, this is a great collection. Thank you!

  20. Colin Hall says:

    Brilliant ! I agree with Dicky, the Green set is truly superb.


    Col 🙂

  21. Junior BR says:

    Obrigado a Todos… Venham ao Brasil na Próxima Copa do Mundo. ;D

  22. Angela says:

    Love these!!! Had to add it to delicious so I can come back later and browse more!

  23. sadhu says:

    thank you, dude

  24. ali says:

    very usefull, thanks for sharing icons

  25. 路过 says:


  26. Luiz Ricardo says:

    Olá Amigo, obrigado pelas imagens postadas aqui. PARABENS !

  27. One look at a file from the downloaded archives and it’s pretty clear that these files do not belong on that site. They seem to be from http://www.shutterstock.com, which is a paid stock media site. I believe one can’t even use them for personal purposes without paying, let alone commercial.

  28. Claudia says:

    A bit different from other icon sets, interesting, thanks for sharing =)

  29. thanks you so much , I will download all

  30. snikus says:


  31. dele says:

    Definitely the best i have seen all for FREE!! And they look so stunning. I must be dreaming!!! 🙂

  32. JP says:

    cool icons..this are very useful..:D..this are great works…

  33. This is probably one of the best if not the best collection of QUALITY icons I’ve seen for free.

    Im definitely going to use some of these in future designs.

  34. these of all listed icons are really beautiful and also can use in web needs, can we also use as commercial in private projects too…thanks

  35. Wow the green ones I downloaded straight away. Superb work bro. Keep it up.

  36. I love it. Thanks you!!!

  37. Dicky says:

    Cool icons collection Johnson. I like the green icons, eco-friendly. 🙂

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