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As designers, we have the skills to make your own business card from scratch using either photoshop or other tools. However, for folks who might not even have basic photoshop skills, then using tools will be useful, especially for small businesses who want to save on design costs. I recently came across business card creator tool that gets the job done, easily and effectively.  It is a downloadable soft that doesn’t any internet connection to use. It has a a trial period so feel free to download it and play for your self.

Here is how the software works.

Once you have installed it successfully, you can click the software and open a new project. At this time, if you do not want to select a template first, it will give you a default interface to start with. One example of the interface is given below:

The interface might not be the most sleek but it is easy to work with.  One thing I really is the pre populated fields that you can see at the bottom of the screenshot. Rather than trying to create a textbox, then enter your details such as address, name, phone number etc, I just need to enter these information into the relevant boxes and they will show up on the screen above. This shortcut is really convenient for any business card creation.  I did a sample for 10 steps in just a couple of minutes. You can see the result below:

The best part of designing a business in such a software is that it takes cares of the formatting issues. After I designed my mockup, I can go into a wizard step by step guide that makes selecting the print format an easy job. You can see how it works in the screen below.  All I need to first a few selection and I am ready for print.

Another notable benefit is of course the templates. They are grouped into common categories for the different industries such as construction. computer, education et. This ensures that making the card design process becomes faster and easier. With these templates, one can easily make your own card without much design background.

If you are getting your own business card design, do give this software a try. It has a free trial so making it no risk for you to install and try your hand at it. The download link is here:

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