15 Textures and 8 Best Texture Sites

I photograph textures sometimes when I am out with my camera. Here are 15 of them which includes wood, concrete, grass and fruits. Hope they will be useful for your creations. 🙂

Click here to download textures

Below is a list of sites providing high quality free textures. Do bookmark them for future references.
Most of us are familiar with Bittbox and its Watercolor Brushes. Other than high quality brushes, you can also find a good list of textures too.
    CG Textures
Well-organized site maintained by a 3D artist, Marcel Vijfwinkel, who is striving to make it the world’s best texture site.
Many great contributors have been submitting high quality textures to the portal. They can be found under the Resources & Stock Images > Textures.
    Free Textures
The site design may not look awesome, but their collection is definitely huge. Do check it out if you are searching for good textures.
PSDTUTS had launched its Freebies section for some time and gain a list of high resolution textures made by the professional artists.
Stockvault.net is a stock photo sharing website where photographers, designers and students can share their photographs and images with each other.
    Texture King
Indeed the king has provide one of the largest collection of textures on the Internet. The site is well-organized and clean, made easy for you to browse through the folders.
    Texture Lovers
I love the design of this site! It is made by the same creator of DesignShard. Launched not too long ago, but it is going to be another hot spot for texture lovers.

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  1. HDR Textures says:

    Wow. I only knew about half of those sites, thanks for sharing your resources!

  2. I am impressed with all this useful information. Was WAY more than I expected.

  3. Bibi says:

    Interesting. Thanks!

  4. Johnson Koh says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Splashnology. It is a great site!

  5. Splashnology says:


    Cool collection, but you forget this one: http://www.2textured.com

  6. Hi Johnson, thank you for the quick response, the version of CS4 left out the Extract tool in the filter selection, but I think one can be downloaded from some where, will search (so many people complained because they left it out????) so I will try to download it and use your suggestions
    You have been a great helpl. I am learning as I go. I love digital art!!!

  7. Johnson Koh says:

    Hi Barbee, may I know the version of Photoshop you are using? Is there an Extract Tool under your Filter? It works pretty well for loose hair. There is a pretty cool tutorial about Extract Tool at http://www.trainstation.cc/Tutorials/Photoshop/extract-filter-tutorial.html

    One tip on before using Extract tool, you may adjust the Levels to create a better contrast between the hair and background. Hope this helps!

  8. Hi Johnson thank you so much for the textures, and while I am writing
    have you or know of a good tutioral for removing a person that has whispy fly away hair. I have tried several not good results.
    One was using the channels (mask) but her directions were not clear.
    I find that so many times, but not yours like in the watercolor painting.
    look forward to hear from you,Barbee

  9. thank you for sharing. i love texture !

  10. Jody Meyer says:

    Thank you, these are all great !

  11. Nice picks, I hope TextureLovers by Max will do well in future too 🙂 sounded promising.

  12. Great resources. I had not heard of a couple of those sites!

  13. Garry says:

    Another excellent post for sources! Great work and thanks!

  14. Johnson Koh says:

    Thanks guys!
    @Max Stanworth: My pleasure. I love your site!

  15. Thanks for featuring Texture Lovers on this great round up, greatly apreciated.

  16. dGjess says:

    tnx for sharing johnson!!hope there’ll be a lot of freebies coming! 🙂

  17. Binoj Xavier says:

    Thanks for Sharing…Cheers !

  18. Bariski says:

    Seriously telling, I didn’t knew about 2 sites from here. Great stuff thanks for sharing, dugg and twiit.

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