22 Concert Lights Stock Images

Just went to Andy Lau’s concert 2 weeks ago at Singapore Indoor Stadium. It was an enjoyable night where the star is doing his best to perform in front of his fans. I love the lightings in the concert and decide to share what I took with you guys. Hope everyone will find them useful. 😀

Click here to download the images.

Here are other cool stocks related to concerts and lights. Click on thumbnails below to view in full size.
Concert Spot in Fog by iScott   Concert Lights Stock by MissyStock
Live by Qel   Lights Laser 2 by MellyStock
Lights Laser 3 by MellyStock   Rammstein in Concert by Munkisan
Rammstein by Munkisan   Concert 2 by Kime Stock
Lights by AwakeMyHeart   Aussie Pink Floyd 17 by Mischieveous1
Aussie Pink Floyd 21 by Mischieveous1   Aussie Pink Floyd 25 by Mischieveous1
Aussie Pink Floyd 7 by Mischieveous1   The Rasmus by Zugabere
Concert Photo 1 by mlt11x   Concert Photo 2 by mlt11x
Concert Photo 3 by mlt11x   Ska P by itakomaru

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  1. Thank you for the shares in this blog. I will visit it again.

  2. g3niuz says:

    nice images…

    would like to see more stuff like this ;D

  3. Johnson Koh says:

    Hi Isi, Certainly! You can use the 4 images at the top most to create your brushes since they are shot by myself. As for the rest of the images, I guess you will need to check with the respective owners.

    Do share your brushes here after you are done? 😀

  4. isi says:

    Would it be okay if i made brushes with some of these images?

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