40 Sets of 3D Render Packs

Among all the downloads I’ve made and compiled, this is probably the one that I love most. Many 3D artists are willing to share their high quality render packs with us. I am amazed simply by looking at those abstract details and gloss surfaces. Hope you all will like it as well.

I tried to link most of the render packs back to the creators’ personal site. So we can see other amazing works from them.Click on the thumbnails below to view them. For those that I missed out, please write a note here and I’ll update it accordingly.

I will be following up with a tutorial on how we can create an art using these renders so remember to check this site out again!

  Render Pack 1 by Evil-Munky   Monochrome 1 by Mono72   Monochrome 2 by Mono72   Final by OldManJames  
  OMJ 5 by OldManJames   OMJ 4 by OldManJames   OMJ3 by OldManJames   OMJ 2 by OldManJames  
  OMJ 1 by OldManJames   HD Pack by Soad2K   Transistions by Soad2K   HD2 by Soad2K  
  Pack 2 by AliasUNR   Pack 1 by AliasUNR   Pack 1 by El-Nombre   Pack 2 by El-Nombre  
  Pack 1 by Xcellcior   Pack 2 by Xcellcior   Render Pack by ooHereticoo   Pack 1 by K3-Studio  
  Pack 2 by K3-Studio   Pack 2 by Kimag3500   Render Pack by Gustlik   Pack 1 by Aarora  
  Special Pack by Sepluk   C4D Concept Pack by XBry89x   Render Pack 1 by TipsyStagger   Render Pack 1 by n3v32bu2n  
  Render Pack by AlphaMin   Render Pack by UnsceneMedia   Ice Render Pack by IceBlueEyeDesign   Render Pack by Refraction  
  C4D Render by Tamilia   Render Pack by Chray   Render Pack 2 by Chray   3Flavor by LogitechAdrian  
  Cell Render by Slypt   C4D Render by XboxGamer12   Render 1 by Trijin   Render 2 by Trijin  

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22 Comments | Write a Comment

  1. Luiyit says:

    Alucinante. thanks for share.

  2. zikoon says:

    thx a lot dude

  3. shades says:

    thx alot
    nice work sir…

  4. itank says:

    waw…salute…job job…bozzzz

  5. Ben says:

    These are great, jsut getting into abstract work myslef so its nice to have these. Definantly putting this in the next PS resources list I do.

    Big Thanks

  6. Psysoul says:

    Great collection.

    Many thanks 🙂

  7. Johnson says:

    Hey Sadhu! These are images in either PNG or some other formats with transparency. Very useful for abstract artworks 😉

  8. sadhu says:

    are these for photoshop? like plugin?
    @.@ shit.. i dun kow…

  9. Rye says:

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  10. Johnson says:

    Link is updated. Thanks so much Rye! 😀

  11. Rye says:

    Render Pack 02 by k3-studio is linked wrong.

    http://k3-studio.deviantart.com/art/Render-pack-02-99842758 is the right link. It’s now linked to render pack 01. 😉

  12. Marc says:

    Very cool listing. Keep it going mate!

  13. Johnson says:

    Thanks Dainis 😉

    @Lou: These does not need installations. They are images in various formats that you can use directly on your designs 😀

  14. oh lovely,just what I wanted..I thought a long time to search something like this..:) thanks mate 🙂

  15. lou says:

    How da hell do u use them things???? and how do i install them?

  16. Jansen Joseph says:

    Seen your preview in Flickr
    Cant wait to see the upcoming tutorial

  17. Jansen Joseph says:

    Awesome stuffs! Digged!

  18. Johnson says:

    I’m doing this just in time then!
    Happy designing over there 😀

  19. Yami says:

    I was really needing some 3d renders ! Thanks you ALOT !!!

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