10 creative custom logo designs

I love creative logo design. A logo is a pretty hard thing to get right. The limited space places a constraint on the logo designer who have to express the brand of the company clearly and distinctly. This is why most companies go for custom logo designs rather than off the shelf design because it is such an important identity.

Below are 10 awesome customer logo designs created by Logo Bee, a design house with years of experience. Check out the breadth of their logo styles.

Face logo design

Facial logos are hard to pull off but this one did it nicely. The use of additional designs around the face makes it more artistic and memorable.

Fun logo design

I like logos that convey a sense of fun. This fish logo design did it perfectly.

Horse logo design

Loved the way the logo blends two shapes into one without looking forced or awkward.

Modern logo design

This example  shows the modern logo design that most companies are using. Using nice typography and a stong color constrast will make any logo look nice.

Cheetah logo design

I always love animal logo designs. The use of the right animal to show the value that the company is offering can made the logo very memorable. In the case below, the use of cheetah to convey speed is very relevant.

Circular logo design

I love this design for its symmetrical use of circles. It makes the logo modern and elegant.

Minimalist logo design

If you love minimalist designs, you can’t get more minimal than the logo below. The use of one bright color makes the whole design stands out.

Hand drawn logo design

There is something appealing about using hand drawn as logo designs. Most of such designs can typically be found in kids websites.

Cool logo design

I don’t know whether it is the cat but something that screams cool in this logo design. Maybe it is the cat design or the color combination but this is really a very modern and cool design.

Puppy logo design

This is a nice design. Using the name of the company as the basis for the drawing makes the logo immediately relevant.

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    Good post.Logo design industry is now greater and wider than ever,making newbies like me hard to get in!

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