16 creative email newsletter designs

With companies such as Groupon and Thrillist becoming multi million businesses, many companies are mimicking their approach to email marketing. However, email marketing is often done poorly, even marketing consultants are aware of this- when asked by eConsultancy to rate the  performance of their companies’ email, almost two thirds (61%) of respondents rate their own email as poor or average. According to Webeden email marketing allows the retailer to begin building long-term relationships with consumers and maximising revenue from their existing base” which is why it’s important to give the right impressions when sending out email newsletters. I tend to be conservative when it comes to disclosing my email but if it is to receive beautiful designs like those featured below, then please spam me as much as you can!

If you are inspired to start a email marketing campaign, you will need to buy your own domain name and buy a couple of email addresses to send your emails from. It is better to send emails newsletters from your own domain rather than using a gmail or hotmail address because let’s face it, who trusts business emails from a @hotmail.com address? Once your email hosting is sorted, you can start designing beautiful emails like these guys have done.


#1: Beautiful email newsletter for apps

With more companies using apps as a form of marketing, it is common to see their email newsletter promoting the apps. This is one of the best one that I have seen. The message is clear and the call for action is sharp. Nicely done!


#2: Minimalist email newsletter design

Using a minimalist clock design to tell customers of its midnight sale is simple but effective. I love the use of white space to focus the reader’s attention on what is really important, which is the sale.


#3: Email newsletter that look like magazine layout

Fashion magazine use creative layouts that make consumers want to buy the fashion items. Such creative layout is being used here to highlight the different types of shoe designs.


#4: Email newsletter that look like blogs

This email newsletter design feels like a blog’s homepage being delivered to your inbox. This concept works great for companies that are content rich.


#5: Mysterious email newsletter design

Loved this simple and yet eye catching design. Delivers the message clearly and without any redundant design elements. Best for sending invitations.


#6: Email newsletter that shows product designs

I liked the ‘in your face’ kind of design.  The receivers will know what this is all about. The high resolution photos on nicely designed background makes you can’t take your eyes off it. Great for any companies selling physical products.


#7: Playful email newsletter design

I like their  use of different typography and design elements. It makes the newsletter more playful and inviting to the readers. If you are into the children business, this is one email newsletter sample ideas to steal! 🙂

#8: Email newsletter as collage

Pretty neat concept of using collage as the email newsletter design. If you want to learn how to make a collage in photoshop, you can check out my tutorial by clicking on the link.


#9: Beautiful people as email newsletter design

I always love looking at beautiful faces and I think many people are like me. Hence, using good looking men and women in your newsletter tend to draw more eyeballs than otherwise.


#10: Clean email newsletter designs

The color combination and the clean design makes this email newsletter easy to read. For any companies trying to sell a product, it is a good design sample to follow.


#11: Retro email newsletter design

For any company that sells art paintings or vintage item, this style of email newsletter will be great for your business.


#12: Unique email newsletter design

Some designs are just so unique that it is difficult to place them in any conventional grouping. This applies to the above design where the use of bold graphics is eye catching.


#13: Sleek email newsletter design

Some designs are just too sleek for words. This is the case for the A/X newsletter. Using monotone colors, clean lines, modern typography and sharp images, the newsletter convey the spirit of the brand very well.


#14: Happy email newsletter design

Some designs just make you feel cheerful and happy. Such is the case for the threadless newsletter. Although they also uses human faces, the mood it conveys is very different from #9, which is creating a cool and beautiful look.


#15: Simple but effective newsletter design

I like designs that are simple but conveys the message well. Nothing can beat this Tiffany’s newsletter idea which is straight to the point but doesn’t lose the brand identity.


#16: Sexy email newsletter design

Sex sells and this design shows how you can do it without breaking any laws : )

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  1. Pieterjan says:

    Very nice and creative e-maildesigns, but they are all very image-heavy.

    I wonder how many of them actually make it to the inbox. I can imagine that without proper slicing knowledge, spam filter will be the big winners here.

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