40 Trendy and Extremely Colorful Websites

There was a post last week on the 40 Black and White Stylish Websites, where it is interesting to see designs using just two colors. This week, let us check out another group of websites that use multi-colors. If you think there are certain colors that do not match with each other, I am sure the list below will change your view a little.

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  1. Gina Schmidt says:

    Nice list. I like the most of them 🙂

  2. Ooh_zo says:

    Very nice list indeed! Some of these designs are really awesome.

    A while ago I created a colorful website too, http://www.rotacups.com. The designs in the list on this page are definitely more trendy, but I’m still pretty happy with the one I created.

  3. Daosami says:

    Falto poner este sitio web: http://10steps.sg/

  4. Polices says:

    Awesome man,

    specially love Foen one

  5. Webwist says:

    What an awesome selction. The spring is near.

  6. Designely says:

    Excellent round-up.

    I like how the colors are used in these designs. Every color is well placed to create a great composition.

  7. Mars says:

    right on time, I am looking for a design inspiration about colorful website for a client. thanks for the share

  8. Superb List… Awesome Color Combination.

  9. Alan says:

    Very colourful list, but i think one thing they all have in common is a very organised content area, meaning that you can do what you want with the background etc.

  10. Novair says:

    So….by “trendy” you mean “CARTOONY”? These all look like kiddie sites.

  11. Peach says:

    Nice list. Very colorful indeed.

  12. Daniel says:

    Awesome list Johnson! I can always count on you to show me cool things. Keep it up.

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